Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tappana Times: Also in October

Just wanted to catch the last couple things that happened last month. Nothing too exciting, but still.

October starts with General Conference where we were able to hear the living prophets speak. It was wonderful. Homemade cinnamon rolls were a must, and we all got our sweet fix while listening.

Elder Holland's talk was excellent (of course) and it was hard for this pregnant mom to hold back the tears as he talked about motherhood.

I love when my kids play well together, and I snapped this moment when they both were using their lap trays, chatting and coloring.

Ammon has kept up his random sleeping places when he misses his nap. We went to our friends' babies' blessings (twins). And as Ammon was sitting so reverently with his eyes closed and arms folded, he lost the battle and started sliding sideways down the back of the chair so that he almost fell off. I hurried and grabbed him and let him lean on me throughout the rest of the blessings. Poor guy.

I received a box of older apples that had me peeling, slicing, and placing apple rings in our food dehydrator and drying loads of apples and making apple everything all month. Our favorite was this apple pie that I made. It was DELICIOUS. This recipe wasn't too hard to make it looked really pretty. I felt so domestic.

Besides baking, Ammon and I have been going over every Tuesday and Thursday to babysit my mom's new puppies while she works.  They have to be let out every hour and watched like a hawk until they are house trained.

Pepper and Pippin are stinkers, but SO cute that it's hard to stay mad at them. And the LOVE Ammon. They follow him around and constantly are jumping on him and trying to play.

Someday, when they're bigger and house trained, they'll come over to our house, but for now we're busy puppy-sitting at my parents' twice a week.


  1. I need to get my girls those lap trays. How come I've never thought of something like that before? Also, that is so cute and hilarious that Ammon fell asleep like that. Cute little guy.

  2. puppies are so cute! but SOOO much work! your pie looks fantastic btw. and you are tiny as can be! its getting close!