Saturday, November 21, 2015

I'm Done!...Oh, Wait: 36 Weeks Pregnant

Well I've made it to the final four weeks. It's a bit of a conundrum because I get this feeling of, "I made it, I'm done!"...but really I still have another month. Exciting and tedious. And did you know they switched full term from 37 weeks to 39? How dare they?!

The baby had another growth spurt. I could tell the last couple of weeks as I cringed every time he moved. He particularly likes to try to cram himself into the right side of my pelvic bone. I feel like I suddenly blew up like a balloon. The doctor confirmed the growth spurt as I had a huge weight jump and instead of measuring behind, the baby has caught up and I'm measuring right at 36 weeks. My face and rear end are rounding out quite nicely as well. I'd like to blame pregnancy, but it's probably due more to low self-control around Halloween candy and fall baking. My OB determined I'm dialated to one cm, but had a really hard time getting to my cervix (that was fun, and my cervix complained about it for the next couple of days). She said that his head is super low and in the way. I could have told her that.

Despite the shocking and sudden jabs, I've truly been enjoying feeling this baby move. When he wakes me up at night I don't mind, I just enjoy some quiet time laying there feeling the life inside of me. I like to picture what he'll be like and I pray that everything will go safely until I get to actually hold him. If he wiggles this much inside of me, I'm interested to see how he'll be with some space to move.

My mom's puppies like to sleep on laps when they nap, but it's a tight squeeze on mine since it's pretty much full already. When I looked down at these two, I was struck by the funny sight of a baby belly and two puppies trying to all fit.

Since I "can go any day now" as everyone keeps telling me, Brigham and I decided to take a mini babymoon before our world gets reconstructed. We stayed at a hotel in Bellevue, while my parents watched the kids, and tried to fit as much fun as possible into one night.

We went to dinner using a gift card Brigham won off the radio to a bar in Seattle, Taphouse Grill. They are famous for all their different beers. Then enters the pregnant Mormon, haha. We enjoyed using the gift card to buy food that we normally wouldn't be able to afford, and we were even able to get a dessert sampler to test out small servings of each of the desserts they serve.

Then we went back to the hotel and had the pool and hot tub to ourselves. It's amazing how fun it is to be able to move quickly and lightly in the water, although pregnant. I felt human again for a little while. After swimming we played one of our favorite games, Seasons, and then watched a couple shows...or that is Brigham did. I only made it through one episode before I was out. But really, midnight is pretty good for a pregnant lady.

The next day we slept in, enjoyed a pretty impressive continental breakfast, and then went out shopping at the mall before we went back to watch the BYU football game and pick up the kids. It was perfect to enjoy some freedom before a tiny human dictates our lives.

The only damper on the weekend was accidentally bumping into a car as we were backing out of the hotel parking garage. Barely tapped the car and the bumper crumples. Ugh!

I would go more into it, but basically it shouldn't have happened and I'm still upset about it. But that's what insurance is for right? :( :(

Moving on from that disaster.

I'm resigned to waiting for this baby to come so he can be as healthy as possible, but I'm waiting as impatiently as possible. The countdown is on. I guess I'd better call to set up the pediatrician!!

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  1. Yay 4 weeks!! And your baby moon sounds amazing!! But Its so rude full term is now 39 weeks. That is mean. Plain old mean i tell ya!