Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Full Term

Well here I am. Ready. I'm really so very impatient since it's not even my due date yet and I still feel like I'm being treated so unfairly. But 39 weeks today and I want to have this baby. They changed the "full term" status from 37 to 39 weeks and I made it to 39 weeks, so I should be done right? Alas, I'm doomed to babies that don't want to come out.

This picture is me at 38 weeks, but not much has changed for me to snap another take. For those of you who think I'm teeny, I've officially broken the 40 lb weight gain barrier (the most I've gained in any pregnancy despite working out more this time than any other), and I'm SO looking forward to working that all off when this is over.

At my last dr's appointment I was measuring right on at 38 weeks and dialated to 3 cm. I'm usually around there the whole last month so it came as no surprise to me. My cervix is still super posterior and that's fun for her to find :/

I told her I really want this baby out because I have all my family flying in the 18th of December and I'd like as much time as possible to become somewhat human again and she just said, "We'll make it happen"...but I don't really know what that means...sometimes doctors just tell you stuff and other times they are just guessing. She might be assuming that since my body is so good at getting ready to deliver that I'll go any day, just like my old doctor. Little does she know that it means nothing. Or maybe, she really will make it happen. I'm going to discuss it seriously at this week's appointment.

I was quite upset to find out that the birthing center won't even allow for elective inductions until you are 40 weeks. I need to come up with a medical reason. Hurry, think of one. I'm thinking anxiety. I can totally play that up.

It's actually not that bad. While I am uncomfortable, I'm not dying, and as long as this baby is alive, healthy, and happy, I am too no matter when he arrives. Even if I'm induced late while all my family is here, I should still have a week to recover before Christmas and that's good. I guess I am just utilizing my right as a pregnant woman to complain.

I'm not leaving labor up to chance though, and I've been trying plenty to speed it along. Lots of exercise, laps on my parent's stairs, walk aerobic videos, deep squats, pressure points, bouncing on my kids' mini tramp (which only made my ligaments and bladder hurt. badly. I don't recommend it), relaxing, deep squats, pineapple, and more.

So far I've only got a recipe for serious heartburn. It's only two ingredients: take a large helping of fresh pineapple and eat it, then add a moderate session of prenatal yoga. Boom - heartburn for days. Just drinking water gives me heartburn, but this special combination was a killer. Try it for yourself and see.

Here's my nightly view of baby bump as we watch tv. I sorta love it. I love this little boy kicking around in me and part of the reason why I'm so impatient is because I just want to meet him! I've been waiting for SO long for this one. I'm full of anxiety that I've forgotten how to be a mom of a baby, considering it's been five years, and I'm hoping I really don't screw it up. I can't wait to just meet him, and hold him, and show him to his dad and brother and sister. Imagining it all, I get afraid that it is all too good to be true and that it won't happen, so I'm anxious for it to become a reality.

So that's where I'm at. 7 days until d-day. We'll see if I get to experience going into labor on my own for the first time, or if I'll end up induced late like the others. As long as we're all healthy I'll take either! Come on baby!!

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  1. I think this blog was just what you needed to go into early labor. Reverse psychology; works every time!! Plus, the pineapple yoga heartburn combo probably helped too. I can't wait to hear the birth story!!!I'm so happy for you!!