Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ammon Turns 5

Having your birthday right after Christmas can be sort of a drag. I felt bad for Ammon this year as his fifth birthday approached, and with me being so tied up with the new baby and life resuming normal pace after the holidays, extravagant birthday plans were out of the question. However, he's young enough that he doesn't know better and I can get away with less fanfare.

Luckily his birthday fell on a day that he goes to preschool - his favorite. That worked out in my favor. And honestly, until dinner, the rest of the day was business as usual. I guess that's life.

Ammon picked chicken patty sandwiches with jello for his birthday dinner for the second year in a row. After dinner, family came over to open presents.

Legos, movies, hot wheels, a leap pad, transformers, shirts, and more. At least he scored in the present department.

He even got his very own box of packing bubbles - another favorite. He was more excited to pop them at Christmas than playing with his gifts, so I decided to save up a bunch and give them to Ammon for entertainment.

He had a blast popping every single one right there in front of us. 

Lucky for me, he requested Yeti Yogurt rather than a cake, so after presents we left for froyo. 

Of course, the second that he finished his yogurt he declared, "Now I want some cake!" and I gave an exasperated sigh. That's Ammon to a T, working the system to get as much goodies as possible. Bottomless pit.

I feel like a broken record once again saying, I can't believe he's this old! Five?! Holy Moly! What happened to my first baby boy? Now he'll be starting kindergarten this year and that just hurts. He's such a playful sweetheart. Shy, easily distracted, good, smart, tender boy. He loves TV, and all things boy. Bad guys, firemen, cars, trucks, sirens, weapons, superheros, blue, halo, minecraft, games, food, etc. I'll let him tell you more about himself in his birthday interview.

Even though it was a simple birthday, I hope it was the best. I love you so much my monster man and wish I could freeze time to keep you with me always. You're turning into such a handsome, smart boy and I'm proud to be your momma. Happy Birthday Ammon!

Ammon's Fifth Birthday Interview
1. What's your favorite song? Nephi's Courage
2. What's your favorite thing to do with Mom? Play games
3. What's your favorite thing to do with Dad? Play with him
4. What's your favorite day of the week? Monday
5. How old are you? Five
6. Who is your best friend? Hyrum
7. What's your favorite thing to do? Play with toys
8. What's your favorite color? Blue - light and dark
9. What's your favorite food? Jello
10. What do you like to do with your family? Play games
11. What's your favorite toy? My new cars
12. What do you want to be when you grow up? A missionary
13. What makes you happy? Watching PJ Masks
14. What makes you sad? Getting in trouble
15. What's your favorite show to watch? PJ Masks
16. What's your favorite book? Superhero book
17. What do you like to learn about? Legos
18. Where do you like to go? Yeti Yogurt
19. What's the best part of your birthday? Getting presents
20. What's your favorite treat? Ice cream
21. If you could meet someone famous who would it be? President Obama
22. What's your favorite movie? Big Hero 6
23. What's your favorite game to play? The Shark Game (a version of old maid we have)
24. What sports do you like? Baseball
25. What do you like to wear? The same clothes that I always wear
26. Who's your favorite Superhero? Thor and Hulk

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