Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Easter Festivities

I love Easter. And this year I was especially excited for it.

I found my exceptionally cute Easter cookie cutters, and I knew I had to do something with them. So for the first time ever, I braved making sugar cookies. I have always been intimidated by the thought of the work, but I must have lost my mind this year and decided to attempt it anyways. Even with my fussy three-month old.

I found a decent recipe on Pinterest and away my boys and I went.  Luckily, it wasn't as bad as I imagined it to be, and we had a decent turn out. It just took the whole afternoon.

Ammon's most appreciated help was when he fed and held the baby for me so that I could try to wrap up all the baking.

After becoming consumed in my work, I was snapped back to reality with a, "Mom? Can I get up now?" I forgot that Ammon was stuck on the couch with his brother and when I went to relieve him, I had to snap a picture first because they were so sweet together.

That night we invited Kayleen over and decorated our cookies.

Ammon, of course, tried to cover every square inch of cookie with candy, so I finally told him he was limited to ten candies per cookie. Soon Lydia was given her own limit as well.

My kids' creations.

My creations.
Our ward put on a Easter egg hunt. Both kids declared their independence by informing me they were going to find eggs with their friends.

And then they both pretty much ended looking by themselves.

It was a lot of anticipation built up for a short search, but fun was had, nonetheless.

When Ammon saw the Easter Bunny in the church, he stopped dead in his tracks. I could tell he was scared, but also trying to keep his cool.

I understand, Ammon. Especially when it looks like the Easter Bunny is about to eat Lydia's arm off. The most hilarious part is that the lady who volunteered to wear the costume, is probably the sweetest, most gentle, pretty lady ever. When I found out who it was I could not help but laugh at the irony.

Kendrick is already developing a strong sense of jealousy of his siblings' loot.

The Saturday before Easter we made sure to color eggs.

My mom hates coloring Easter eggs so it was just me and the kiddos while she watched the baby.
I personally love it, so I didn't mind at all. We had some wild-style shrink wraps this year and they looked awesome.

Easter morning the kids came out to an Easter delight. I'm afraid the Easter bunny didn't realize how much she had purchased to fill the baskets in the previous months, and the kids were SPOILED.

It was so worth it with how excited they were.

After baskets came the egg-hunting. Like usual, they were truly horrible at it and missed eggs literally in front of their noses and had to be helped half the time to look IN and AROUND things.

Finally, all forty eggs were found and laid out in rows to admire and the kids were able to pick one to enjoy before breakfast.

All while Kendrick watched, blew raspberries, and smiled.

The kids are obsessed with these stuffed animal creatures called Beanie-Boos. Basically they are beanie-babies with giant, sparkle-rimmed eyes. The Easter Bunny brought each kid a new Beanie-Boo. Lydia received a pink and green dragon named Darla. Ammon, a sweet owl named Sammy. Even the baby got a baby toy one made out of squishy rubber that he loves.

After the kids finished their Easter morning events, Brigham looked though his basket and then we had a our favorite delicious oatmeal breakfast that I had prepared the night before and baked that morning while egg-hunting.
Of course, for Easter we dressed in our best for church and I had my boys all in matching ties. They are so handsome!

Lydia and I put on some of our spring dresses and made sure the girls were represented.

And then we tried to take a family selfie together....

Basically, it was a beautiful day with beautiful people celebrating a beautiful event.

The Sunday before Easter I taught my Sunday School class all about Palm Sunday and the events that took place the last week of Christ's life. I learned so much preparing for that lesson and it really touched me. I felt inspired to share these events with a video on Facebook each day leading up to Easter. I don't know if it helped anyone else, but I do know that it sure brought the Spirit into my heart and into my home each day as I shared my posts and what they meant with my children.

My appreciation for the Savior and this gift that He gave rose exponentially. Easter held so much meaning and I have felt the Spirit touch my life stronger since. This gift of love that the Savior gave to you and me, the greatest miracle we'll ever know. I am so grateful. My Savior lives. He suffered for all pains of all mankind, He died for us, and then He conquered death and rose from the tomb. He loves me, He loves you, and I can live again with Him and my family forever. With this knowledge, how can Easter not be wonderful?


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