Thursday, June 16, 2016

Baby Kendrick: Months 4, 5, & 6

Kendrick changes so fast it's hard to keep up. So I'm afraid there will be many updates and much mommy talk about my little man.

Kendrick's apparently not so thrilled about it either.

Kendrick learned to roll over.

And he started laughing much more.

We had hoped that moving Kendrick into his own room would help him sleep in longer. I thought that Brigham was waking him up in the morning - this kid is the lightest sleeping baby - but it didn't help much. And I really missed hearing his sweet snores at night.

The transition to his room was a piece of cake. It was breaking him of the swaddle that had me stumbling around the house in tired stupors. Man, after fighting it for so long, that kid had come to rely on the burrito feeling to sleep. I tried weaning one arm at a time, but it didn't help. Finally, we went cold turkey, endured a really long month of hour long crying in the middle of the night. But now he sleeps through the night again. If only he would sleep in until 7 am consistently. The guessing game of will he wake up at 5:00, 6:00, or 7:00 am really drives me crazy. I know, I know I'm spoiled they say. I just liked my other sleep-in-until-8 babies.

Kendrick tried his first solids around four and a half months. Homemade sweet potatoes. Not his fav. Actually the blander, the better for Kendrick. He loves his rice and oatmeal cereals and winces for any fruit/vegetable until he gets used to the taste.

It took him a good while to get used to eating from a spoon - much longer than any of my other kids - but he's doing much better and he's eating like a champ. Bottles are still his true love.

Kendrick went through a very frowny phase, one that I'm sad is over.

When he was sad, the lip would drop. Every once in a while it comes back, but this face is now rare. Too bad, because really, that face is just to die for.

Kendrick is very grumpy when he wakes up. And he likes to chew on his burp-rags and blankets.

If I could get this kid to nap on a consistent schedule for a consistent time, it would be a MIRACLE. He fights the naps so bad, but he needs them desperately. I worked so hard for a month to train him before I went out of town, and I had him down to only crying for a half hour before he fell asleep for an afternoon nap in in his actual crib.

Of course that scheduled is now a joke, but he at least gets a random smattering of naps during the day that end up totaling about two and a half hours. According to the doctor, he's still a few hours short on sleep, but I feel like I can manage things a bit better now. What's so wrong with a nap, kid?!

Kendrick grew so much at five months that he had to be moved up to 6-9 month clothes a month early. Nothing was fitting him anymore so up he went.

He also developed a sudden love for flapping his arms. He still does it all the time. He's my busiest baby, always wiggling out of things, flapping, blowing raspberries, etc.

While swapping chunky baby bath pictures with my sister-in-law, Kendrick decided to pick the exact moment I snapped the picture to relieve himself. hahaha!

Sometimes this kid is so photogenic, I just keep snapping. While looking through back through the pictures to delete them, I noticed he had all the classic selfie poses.

One-armed capture, head-titled smile, caught-me-unawares look, and awkward open mouth pose. Only missing duck lips.

Though, this one comes close.

The handsome devil.

This kid loves to laugh at Lydia falling, and he loves to laugh at the anticipation of being tickled or scared. I dramatically stalk him and he breaks out in giggles.

Kendrick is our little Houdini and loves to stretch out of his chairs. He's always hated being confined, has been quite the mover, and now he puts his newly developed muscles to good use.

At first he just slid down his bouncy chair. Then he would slide OUT of his bouncy chair.

Now he takes it all to new levels.

I left Kendrick in his bouncy chair watching Ammon playing with Legos. Then when I returned, I found him as such. Definitely not in his chair anymore. I asked Ammon and he informed me, "He got out of his chair, had some tummy time, and then rolled over."

"Some tummy time huh?"


......"And he hit his head on some of my Legos."


I actually caught Kendrick in action the next day. It was really quite crazy. He slides down his chair so he's laying in the bottom of it, then sits up so he falls forward/sideways out of the chair; though it looks as though he's going to bash his head, he somehow ends up in a sitting position on the floor, which he can't maintain for long and he slowly falls sideways until he crashes on the floor and then rolls to his comfort.

I'll try to get it on video next time because it really is spectacular.

Instead, here's a video of him trying to lift himself out of his Bumpo.

He started doing this all on his own. He's been trying to figure out how to get out of this chair since day one of putting him in it. And now he's getting scarily close.

If he's not whining, Kendrick usually provides our dinner entertainment, and we're always laughing.

He seriously can be such an innocent ham. Even when he is whining, it's such a high-pitched whine that most people can't resist giggling even though he's distressed. I LOVE it.

Kendrick received his first haircut at six months. He had all this old-growth on top that looked funny when it was way longer than the rest. It used to curl in the cutest way, but it got so long it just looked bad and drove me crazy. And in back a hideous mullet/rat's tail situation was happening.

I thought it would be a few easy snip-snips of the scissors, but a wiggly baby that's very interested in the scissors makes it for a fun adventure. But we got it done, and he's looking fat and sassy now.

Really, six months is such a fun age for him. He's finally straightened out through some of his fussy times and I have a few moments to breathe during the day. He may not be sleeping, but he's happy playing.
More arm flapping

He LOVES Lydia and Ammon and his dad gets the biggest smiles ever. He loves to play bashful with the ladies, and will smile for them and then bury his face in your shoulder like he's embarrassed. Most can't help but fall for him instantly after that.

He has the longest eyelashes that are perfectly curled, and people can't help but comment on them. I myself am jealous daily.

As you can tell, he has us all enamored. And I could talk about him all day. Like any normal baby he drives us crazy with his demanding personality, but the love and sweetness is so much greater. He reminds me once again of how I felt with each of my babies and the special, special time it is and how grateful I am to do it once again.

Happy half a year, baby. We love you to pieces!

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  1. What a goof ball of a boy!! I seriously love his pout faces, and his rolling out of his bouncer. So funny! I sure wish i could see him more and that Andy had his favorite cousin around, but these posts help a lot!