Monday, June 13, 2016

Tappana Times: May

Boy have I been busy. And boy am I behind in blogging. Going clear back to May, I'm going to try to remember all the happenings of the Tappanas.

First of all, with ice cream season approaching (when is it NOT ice cream season I must ask?) I constantly battle the urge to buy ice cream. If I buy it, I eat it. All. So on a classic grocery trip, mentally fighting with myself, fate apparently decided for me that I really shouldn't be eating it. EVERY single carton of ice cream was just gone. I don't know why, but I took it as a clear sign.

Instead of buying ice cream I bought some flowers. I then took a picture of them and sent it in a message to my husband that said something along the lines of: maybe since I spent my own money, I might be able to keep them alive...

I'm a plant killer.

If only they cried as loudly as children. So far they are looking good in our grow boxes under the window. But we have a long summer ahead of us.

May brought Mother's Day and so we flew up Brigham's mom to spend a week with us. It was so nice to show her our stomping ground and have her spend time with the kids. Brigham once again won tickets off the radio and this time they included a family trip to the zoo. It was perfect weather and we had so much fun.

After the zoo we went and showed off Seattle, including Pike's Place Market and the waterfront.

Woodland Park Zoo is a big zoo. Pair that with downtown Seattle and the waterfront all in one the end the kids were DONE. My fitbit said I had over 13000 steps. And the kids take two or three for steps every one of mine, poor things. They were done and we, as the adults, were done. We drove home and had pizza and crashed.

Those kinds of days are really the best though.

For Mother's Day, Lydia's school puts on a Muffins for Moms event. I was really excited to attend and hear the poem Lydia wrote for me. She was full of anticipation as well, telling me every day how much she was looking forward to it.

Well, as I was walking into the school, I noticed everyone was walking OUT of the school. My heart sunk when I walked into the classroom and saw a bunch of half eaten muffins and empty juice boxes. I knew I must have missed it, I kept imagining Lydia watching for me the whole time and feeling so disappointed when I didn't show.

I ran into Lydia's teacher and she said I had the wrong time written down, and that Lydia had handled it very bravely. I felt TERRIBLE. Luckily, Lydia was eating lunch so I joined her in the lunch room and she got to sit on my lap while she ate. I could tell it made her feel special, and I was relieved when she quickly forgave me. She even called me the best mommy ever - she's easily swayed.

I still felt very sorry for myself that I missed it.

For mother's day I was spoiled by sweet, sweet notes and pictures from my children.

I had to document this card from Lydia, for when she's older and thinks I know nothing.

Ammon's five reasons he loves me were because I give him candy, let him watch tv, let him play with friends, let him have dessert, and because I give him hugs. Apparently I'm of worth to him because I provide him with things.

I do let him do really cool things like ride up and down the escalator at the mall for going shopping with me. He thinks it's the coolest, and I sort of love watching him ride it. It's also a very convenient bribe while at the mall.

In May we went on a field trip with Ammon's preschool to a little farm/fishing place that was a very long drive away in Graham called Old McDebbie's Farm.

I was surprised with the variety of animals and how pretty it was. We even saw a red kangaroo that was very itchy.

We got up close and personal with some deer and I kept thinking how surprised I was they were allowed to be roaming among the people. Turns out, they weren't. They had escaped.  Good thing they were friendly.

The roaming llama weren't escapees and they weren't quite as friendly either, chasing members of our group down.

There was a statue of a giant pig that apparently was lucky if you kissed it, so I got Ammon to give it a big smooch. And hold it for awhile so I could get better camera angles.....hahaha.

The best part was each kid got to go fishing.

I love fishing and wanted to do it with Ammon, but he did pretty great on his own once I casted out for him.

At first he caught one right away, but right as he was swinging it to shore it fell off the hook. Luckily, he caught another one. He did awesome reeling it in all by himself.

I told him if he caught one, he had to touch it. He looked unsure, but after watching me he gave it a try and then I couldn't get him to stop touching the poor fish.

I had to try to debone the fish for dinner that night. It was HARD and gross, and I didn't do a good job at all. For such a little fish, it sure was a pain to eat. I was sad because I love trout.

Ammon had a great time with his preschool class.

May 10th, Kendrick turned five months.

And added his normal spark to our every day.

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