Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tappana Halloween Party #???

Because I had been sick for so long, this year I decided to have a more laid-back Halloween party. Meaning: instead of planning two or three games, I only planned one. I just didn't feel up to tackling more than that. But of course we still had all the other works. Treats, costumes, prizes, the Divorce Game. All kid-free. Because that's how you really party.

After some Halloween Would You Rather questions while waiting for all guests to show up, the game that I put together this year was Pyramid - Halloween Edition! I split the group up into to teams and they competed and chose categories and played just like the game show on TV. We then had a second round with even harder categories. The winning team got one of these cute little prizes I made.

Those edible skellys are on a brownie for the dirt. Thanks Pinterest!

We had awesome costumes this year. Here are some, but not all:

We've got a period costume, "sheet music", Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, a hunter and his dead deer, a penguin and a lady bug, a bowler and her hazmat husband.

The costume prize winners were the hunter and deer and the Back to the Future couple (with their bumble bee baby- nursing babies are my one exception to the no kid rule).

They won Pumpkin Juice and Ghost Tears (really sparkling cider) with skeleton necklaces to wear to declare their costume dominance.

After playing pyramid we had lots of good food and treats. Unfortunately, I only took a picture of my treat and forgot to take anymore of all the fun stuff that everyone brought - like Rachel's awesome Halloween cake balls.

Of course, no Halloween party thrown by Brigham and I is complete without the Divorce Game (otherwise known as the name game, celebrity, etc). This year the girls won -yeah baby!! We had eight million singers in the bucket and it was hilarious on the word round when someone would just say "....singer....". Worst clue ever because we had Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Tupac, Henry Connick Jr, Celine Dion, and many many more. Hahaha, SO many people tried to think of something good and then with much frustration only managed to say singer. Classic.

After that most people had to get home to relieve babysitters so the party wound down. It was a fabulous night. Though it wasn't as action packed as usual, it was still fun and I know that we'll have much more for future years of partying!


  1. Of all the Halloween festivities, this is the one i miss the most. It still doesn't feel like Halloween without this party. And this one sounds like it was another great one!!

  2. hahah i live for your halloween party! i get why it was toned down this year- being sick is so hard. esp with 3 kidsa nd a husband! it looks so much fun. i love couple parties