Monday, November 7, 2016

Tappana Times: October with the Incredibles

The Tappanas did not float away this October, despite Washington's best efforts. It was the wettest October EVER recorded.

Kendrick pulling faces
Despite the dreary, dreary rain, we have managed to maintain entertaining times and Halloween fun.
Kendrick decided to really find his voice and LOVES animal sounds. He practices until he can say most of them. He also pulls this weird funny face ALL THE TIME. What a character.

We have also discovered that Kendrick is TERRIFIED of umbrellas. Like ridiculously so - scream hysterically, climb up my body, and shake and tremble in fear so.

It doesn't matter if they are opened or closed. It's all the same scary beast to him.

Normally, being Washingtonians, we do without umbrellas, but it's not fun standing at the bus stop getting soaked every day as we send Ammon off to school. So our neighborhood gets to endure lots of hysterical screaming. The bus driver finally asked me what Kendrick's problem was, and when I told her Kendrick is afraid of umbrellas, she said,"That's weird! I've never heard of that."

Neither have I, lady.

It's funny, sad, and painful all at the same.

In October, we of course had to carve pumpkins and we invited my parents and sister over for a fun family night activity. My mom hates carving pumpkins so she observed while Kayleen and my dad worked their magic.

I made my kids do a little more work this year, and they were required to get out all their guts before I would help them. They did ok...but I still had to do most of the scraping.

We each had our own pumpkin and the kids were quite creative with their designs. I had them draw on paper what they wanted it to look like before I carved the face for them. Ammon wanted six eyes, sharp teeth, and a triangle nose. Lydia wanted eyelashes and a bat and star decoration on the sides.

The baby mostly observed with my mom, and honestly was the crankiest monster that night. He still got a baby pumpkin that I carved for him with a cute little face.

He liked playing with it...for a minute, and then he didn't anymore. Twice.

This year our family theme for our Halloween costumes was The Incredibles. I mean, we are pretty Incredible.

Brigham REALLY wanted to do it since we have all the right people to mimic the family, but he was the only one. So we made a deal with him that if he exercised for one month (at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week) then we would do it. Brigham held up his end of the bargain and so the Incredibles we were.

And I have to admit, it worked out great. I even got a new "mom" haircut last month that I could style to look just like Elastigirl (note: not for the costume - the timing just worked out), Lydia is growing out her bangs so she had the perfect hair to hang in her eyes (though it's not dark), Ammon is blonde like Dash, and Kendrick and JackJack are both babies...and trouble. Brigham could use some toning he was told, but hey, he worked out to earn these costumes!

We had a friend that loaned Brigham and I our costumes and I sewed Incredible shirts for the kids. Probably one of the easiest years to put together costumes. Thank goodness!!

Halloween morning Kendrick decided to work on his own masterpiece for his costume. More like he was left unsupervised  with Lydia and Ammon watching him for far too long and found a marker he managed to get the lid off of.

In person it really looked like he had black blood coming out of his mouth - vampire style. And he sure turned into a devil when I took the marker away from him.

That morning was my regular boot camp exercise class at the church. The instructor (dressed as Richard Simmons) turned it into a Halloween edition. We all came dressed up, got our butts kicked like normal, and then had "healthy-ish" treats of protein balls and whole wheat muffins afterwards.

I dressed up as Zorro and it helped me realize how uneducated my kids are about the good old movies. Ammon asked me who Zorro was, so I showed him the movie case so he could see what Zorro looks like. When I was all ready to go he exclaimed, "You look just like him!" Hahahahaha. Made my day.

My boys went in their cute Halloween shirts (not allowed to wear costumes to school, boo!) and I only wished I could have caught Lydia with them too. They later donned their Incredibles costumes for the evening.

Trick or treating was wet, but not too unbearable that night and we got PLENTY of candy! Kendrick lost it 2/3 of the way through so my mom finished taking my kids with my sister so I could take the baby home and dry ourselves off. I mean if you're afraid of umbrellas, it doesn't bode well for keeping dry. Or for nights of trick or treating when lots of parents are out with umbrellas.

That wraps up Halloween, but we still had more stuff like my brother's We The People competition that I went to (think government/constitution debate/trivia type event), Kendrick actually falling asleep on his own -miracle!-, and I found my nephew's absolute twin at our library. Seriously, when Quenton saw a picture, he even thought it was himself.

I keep trying to take videos of Kendrick reading to himself, because he does it all the time and makes all the animal sounds and there is nothing more adorable. But it is almost impossible to catch it.

This video is a mediocre capture of the cuteness, but it'll have to do.

Despite all the rain in October, the sun came out three times. And when it did, so did we.

Because, just like our costumes, fall colors in Washington are incredible!

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  1. oh my gosh thats the saddest and funniest thing that kendrick is scared of umbrellas!! i am dying! i love the family costume. im glad brigham worked out bc those are fantastic!