Monday, May 1, 2017

Easter Egg Extravaganza

Easter weekend started out with the typical egg-dying afternoon. This year we went to my aunt's house in Lynnwood. It was lucky she covered her table so well, because we made a mess!

We laughed because Aunt Sandy was one of the messiest.

Though we had fun, we all struggled to get our eggs to turn out like we wanted them too. It was a failure year with design, but a success in fun and colors.

(Aunt Sandy did not want her picture taken with her eggs. She's a bit camera shy. Too bad, because she has some of the best looking eggs)

That night my family spent the night at Aunt Sandy's house so that the adults could stay up late playing games when the kids went to bed - one of our favorite activities. The kids were nervous that the Easter Bunny might not find them at a different house, but that Easter Bunny is one smart cookie and there were no lost eggs or empty baskets.

It was fun to watch Kendrick because it was his first Easter where he knew what was going on and could participate.

There's nothing like a one-year-old finding Easter eggs.

Lydia and Ammon found all of the hidden Easter eggs pretty quickly this year. They have lots of practice.

After a fancy breakfast provided by Aunt Sandy and Russ, we got ready and visited a ward at a LDS church nearby.

The kids all got new Easter outfits (luckily Kendrick didn't know his is a hand-me-down from Ammon, and luckily Ammon has no idea it used to be his) and they looked smashing.

After church we had a nice lunch with my aunt and cousin's family. It was a lovely day. My favorite part was probably before bringing the kids downstairs to look at what the Easter Bunny brought. I sat with them for a minute and talked about what we really celebrate on Easter day. How so many of the fun traditions we have actually symbolize Christ and new life. The kids sat and listened eagerly and responded with true interest. I felt the Spirit witness to me and to them the beauty of Easter and that Christ is risen. That because of Him conquering death, I get to be with the people for forever.

Happy Easter!

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