Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tappana Times: About Time for April

Well, it's halfway through May, but I wanted to snag all the tag-a-long April photos that I've missed.

For example, though our April Fool's Day was more low key this year, it still happened.

April Fool's Day fell on a Saturday of General Conference weekend. So I decided to make delicious monkey bread for breakfast. I told my kids that it is called monkey bread because it's actually made out of monkeys - their tails, to be specific. Kids totally believed me. The pretty much believe everything I say.

"That's why it made my stomach hurt!" - Lydia.

I also played the bean-boozled game on Lydia and Ammon. They knew I had a giant jar of jelly-belly's but not the disgusting bean-boozled flavors that I actually handed them.

The kids were actually eating flavors like grass clippings and dog food rather than lime or chocolate. Ammon just kept popping them, though he would make some shocked faces, but Lydia was the real kicker. She was thoroughly grossed out. It was great!

After I revealed the trick to them, Lydia said, "I wondered when you were going to play an April Fool's joke on us!"

Like I said, I kept it low key this year because I didn't have the time or energy for the needed preparation that a quality joke requires, so the only trick I played on Brigham was to put some poky, sharp beads between the mattress and sheet on his side of the bed.

Kendrick was my accomplice in crime for this one.

"Hey! What is this?! Ugghh, I thought I was going to get away from it this year. I should have known better!!" - Brigham

And that's it for April Fools. Though, Kendrick did try to to trick us into believing that he suddenly grew beautiful, green hair.

Kendrick also figured out that folding his arms and bowing his head for prayer is something he can do to be just like the rest of us. It pretty much melts all of our hearts instantly, and no matter how mad any of us are with him, we forget it pretty quickly when he does this. The devil.

We actually had some decent weather for a couple days one week, and the kids were finally putting our big backyard to good use. Kendrick LOVED being outside and would lose it when it was time to come back in.

However, he always has to be attached to my side, so when I came in the house he decided to try to talk to me through the sliding glass door. My mom's dogs joined him and soon a little boy and two puppies were begging me to let them in.

 Oh, these made for the best pictures of my life.

Soon, he became desperate and I couldn't stand the pathetic-ness so I let him in.

My mom's dogs were over because my parents were in Utah for my brother's graduation from BYU. While they were away we babysat her dogs and my sister, Kayleen. The kids love having Kayleen over and we enjoyed a fun weekend together.

The weekend was full of basketball as I coached the Young Women's basketball team in regionals for my calling. They didn't win, but they did great. I also played for the women's team. We made it all the way to the regional championship game and lost by two in overtime. Gah! It was super exciting! We should have won, but too bad. I had seven basketball games in the space of a week. I miss it already.

After our final championship game, I rushed back to Maple Valley to take Kayleen and Lydia to the stake Mom and Me activity days activity.

The girls painted canvases while the moms helped and encouraged. Lydia and Kayleen opted for their initials and stripes.

That same weekend Brigham and I celebrated our ten year anniversary. 10 years! But more to come on that later. Since we were babysitting we just stuck around town, but we did manage to squeeze in a walk/hike before rushing to one of my basketball games.

The kids did great and the evening was gorgeous. Stay tuned to hear about our ten years!

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