Thursday, August 10, 2017

Tappana Times: Outdoors in July Part One

Currently, Washington just broke records for the most consecutive days without rain. This is the longest stretch since the 1800's. All of our grass is dead, but it's allowed us to play play play outside and we have been soaking it up. Coming after the winter where we broke the record for the most consecutive days WITH rain, we're loving it.

Unfortunately, despite not having any rain this Fourth of July we couldn't enjoy our fireworks because the city of Maple Valley banned them. So un-American.

We decided to light some small fireworks consisting of smoke-bombs, parachutes, snappers, and sparklers. Of course, just as we were enjoying watching the kids dance through the colored smoke, a police officer walked by and told us that nothing using open flame was allowed. I was peeved.

So, feeling rebellious, I decided to light my new birthday candle (courtesy of my bestie, Brittany) and let it sit out in the road. Ha! What would they say now? Open flame out in the streets!

After feeling rebellious and defiant for a bit, we ended up going into the backyard to finish lighting off our stash. Later, after the neighbors got busted for their giant fireworks, we found out we could have been given felony charges! Seems a bit extreme. As Lydia said, "A big part of Independence Day is the fireworks. Taking away fireworks is like taking presents away at Christmas!" Sure, Independence Day isn't just about fireworks, but they sure make it something special.

My birthday is on the Fourth of July and I was spoiled by my family. My mom gave me my new "Made in 'Merica" shirt, I got TWO candy bar posters, and a steam mop and more.

My dad cooked a delicious dinner and I spent time playing games and laughing with family and a couple close friends. Turning thirty was pretty great.

We all looked good in our red, white, and blue.

I sorta adored Kendrick's stars and stripes outfit.

I had to include Kendrick's picture with Elmo because he loves Elmo so much.

Besides the Fourth, we also spent time with friends at one of our favorite beaches on the Cedar River ten minutes from our house.

Kendrick mostly sat in the dirt with his feet dangling in the water while he dug with his shovel.

Ammon preferred building waterfalls with his bucket and shovel.

The girls enjoyed floating the river. I don't know how they stand it because that water was like an ice bath!

I was happy that when Kendrick absolutely lost it because it was his naptime, we could hurry and head home without very far to go.

During one of Kendrick's naptimes, I had my sister come over and watch my kids so that I could go hike Poo Poo Point with Brittany. It's a popular hike in the area, and neither of us had done it, so we figured it was about time!

Don't be thrown by the name, this hike is straight up a mountain. But when you're walking and talking with your friend you barely notice the time go by. And the views were incredible.

Poo Poo Point is a popular spot for paragliders and Brittany and I watched them for a bit, terrified for them.

This guy had a little trouble getting off and we seriously thought he was going to die. But he didn't and we actually chatted with him for a bit at the bottom. He landed right as we finished the hike. Hiking with such a good friend without kids was like pure bliss. That is my happy place.

Another weekend Brigham and Lydia and Ammon walked in the Covington Days parade because of Ammon's participation in flag football. Kendrick and I were spectators with Kayleen and Aunt Sandy.

After they were done in the parade, we took part of the many festivities at Covington Days.

Face Painting:

I LOVED how Ammon's shark turned out. So cool!

Animal petting:

They had some different animals, which was fun. We were able to pet wallabies, goats, bunnies, chickens, and more.

Kendrick LOVED the animals, and Ammon was great at helping Kendrick reach.

Kendrick fake fished,

and then we did bouncy houses, lunch at Costco, balloons, and more.

The next week we were spoiled by Aunt when she took my kids, my sister, and I to Great Wolf Lodge, which is basically a huge indoor water park, arcade, hotel, and more. We stayed for one night and it was kid mania for the day and a half that we were there.

We swam and did waterslides for hours. My aunt also bought the kids pup passes so they were able to get all this free stuff and do all these bonus activities. Like mining for rocks,

and picking out stuffed animals to fill and keep,

and shirts and pillowcases to pick out and color. We My Aunt spent lots of money for our hours of enjoyment at the arcade and the kids picked out so many junky prizes with all the tickets they won. Kendrick was in toddler heaven as he ran around and pressed every flashing button in front of him without getting in trouble.

We ate at the buffet twice and basically exhausted ourselves silly as we filled cups full of jelly beans and did fun kid activity after fun kid activity - all this AFTER we were done swimming. Phew!

This basically represents our summer. Crazy, exhausting fun. So much so, that I'm going to need a whole other post to wrap up July!

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  1. I know ive said this before, but i am so jealous of your fun summer. Ours has been ok, but I want yours!