Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Brigham!

Today is Brigham's birthday and he turned 25 years old. I hope that his birthday is a good one. Some fun facts about Brigham as he is now are the following...
He loves spiderman
Brigham loves different languages, especially French
He makes facts up because he thinks they sound correct, even though he really has no idea
Brigham won't eat sweet potatoes
He has crazy eyes! (That are beautifully blue as well)
Brigham has weirdly jointed body parts
He is really smart and always knows such random trivia
Brigham loves his family and will do so much for them
He tries really hard in school even when it's hard to focus
Brigham is pretty dramatic
Brigham is a really good dad and loves his little girl
He has a really good testimony and knows a lot about the gospel
Brigham is a meat and potatoes kind of guy
He likes big dogs, but not little ones
Brigham is the best husband in the world and I love him!

I hope you have an awesome birthday dear and I am glad I get to grow old with you and experience birthdays until we are both too old to know how to count that high anymore ;)

Happy Birthday!

and as Buzz Light Year would say...

To Eternity and Beyond!!

or something like that :)

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  1. Very cute blog! I hope his Birthday was super fun, and bonus, BYU won so win win!