Friday, November 6, 2009

Party on Halloween Night

Well it was time to once again throw our annual Halloween party. Instead of trying to squeeze into our little apartment, we had it in the primary room at our ward-house. There we played games like pumpkin bowling...

and candy corn toss,

... and finally Witches Brew. Witches brew was my favorite because I made up gross names for common drinks and everyone had to guess what the actual drink was. For instance, frog juice was limeade, mummy guts was egg nog, and rotten onion extract was lemonade with food coloring. I think I just had so much fun making the labels and disguising the drinks.
Of course we also had our costume contest. This year it was fun because Lydia was a lady bug and she was so adorable. She, however, was not a fan of the games or costumes. Halloween was a little too scary for her this year and I think next year's party will include a babysitter.

We were a family of bugs with Brigham being a Daddy-long-legs, I was the queen bee (of course :)), and we had our little Lydi bug. I made all the costumes myself except for Lydia's which we borrowed from a friend at my work. Brigham's costume was the biggest pain and took me forever. It didn't turn out how I wanted and I ended up really frustrated with it but in the end it made me realize I do like being crafty.
other costumers we had at our party are the following . . .
Sam and Caitlin as nerds, Tim and Ashley as aviators, and Brittany and Scott and bats
Katrina was Violet from the Incredibles, plus Michelle and Cody as cat
and gangster. We also had couple that came as imfomercial actors in snuggies, haha (Clever), Chad and Syndey (they can be seen in previous pictures). Nonie was a jester and Dan came as himself. Overall it was a pretty fun party and we had lots of fun celebrating Halloween!


  1. That party was so fun! And although I was nervous to drink some of your concoctions, it was a very clever game! Thanks for inviting us! We had so much fun :).

  2. It was fun and hey, i love your new background too!!

  3. Thanks guys, I was glad you came and were on time!! IT was fun.