Friday, January 28, 2011

2 Weeks

It's been two weeks since Ammon was born and they have been a little crazy. First I tried to breastfeed again and reaffirmed that I just don't produce milk. My poor baby lost 12 ounces in weight. When looking back at the pictures of him taken in the hospital, you can see how skinny he has become. It makes me sad that he lost his double chin and big chubby cheeks. He was such a big boy and now, as the nurse that just saw him at his 2 week appointment put it, "he such a long lean boy!"
At his two week appointment the nurse measured his length, and to my surprise she measured him at 21 inches long. When he was born he measured 22 inches! So I told the nurse and she remeasured him and again said he is 21 inches. Well I know that when he was born he was 22 inches because his length shocked the nurses in the delivery room and they measured him twice there to make sure he really was that long. And Brigham watched them perform the measuring. So my baby shrunk? Man, guess he really was underfed.
Also, Ammon was freaking me out because he never opened his eyes, but he's doing much better! Especially in the last couple of days, he looks around and keeps them open for quite awhile. I still wish he would look at me more and keep eye contact like I remember Lydia doing, but maybe I hurt his eyes :)
Our basement apartment is freezing cold so unfortunately I have to keep him bundled up all the time. I don't get to look at his little hands and red hair as much as I'd like because I have to keep them both covered.
So my poor guy has a hernia. Don't know how he got that. It should heal itself and be fine.
He also throws up. Once a day he suddenly gushes out everything he's eaten. Pretty disturbing. The doctor says it's air build up in the stomach that suddenly pushes everything out and gave me some tips to manage it. Well I thought the tips were working because he hadn't thrown up in a few days. Until.... this morning he didn't just throw up,  he (um note to the weak in stomach, this may make you queasy) projectile vomited curdled formula through his nose and mouth all over himself and me. Man the laundry at my house has been out of control. I'm hoping it isn't pyloric stenosis which runs in my family where a muscle in the stomach is too large and doesn't let food through but we'll see. It's a little early to tell.
Well that's enough of his physical condition. Besides his sleep habits(man I miss sleeping at night), he's a great baby. He has the cutest, saddest, most pathetic cry. It's as if he's crying "pity me, my life is so horrible and sad." It works on his mom. My heart strings are tugged and then I laugh a little. :)
I could go on all day but that pretty much sums up the last two weeks. I think the first two weeks are the hardest and most stressful with the recovery and me being afraid of newborns and worrying that something is wrong 24/7. Now I should be getting the hang of things. Thank heavens for my mom who helped me through the hardest part!


  1. I'm glad Ammon is now opening his eyes!! But poor baby with his throwing up and hernia. :( I hope the vomiting ends soon. And I hope also you can get more sleep soon!

  2. He looks SO much like Brig! I just can't believe it! Emmy has a hernia...and she threw up like that for a few months. It was disgusting! It ALL has to come from the Tappana side. Bunch of weirdos... :) I can't wait to see him again!