Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ammon Samuel Tappana

After trying every way I knew possible to go into labor on 1/11/11, I accepted my fate that it just wasn't going to happen. The next morning I got a phone call at 6;00 am to be in the hospital in an hour and a half to be induced. After five hours of labor, Ammon Samuel Tappana was born on 1/12/2011 at 1:45 pm weighing 8lbs 5 oz and is 22 inches long. The first thing he did was pee all over the doctor :)
The nurses all commented on how little he cried and how good he was. Things are going pretty well. Ammon swallowed a bunch of amniotic fluid before coming out, making breast feeding very difficult. His tummy was full of all the fluid so he never was hungry. He went over 14 hrs without eating! However his blood sugar levels stayed high so he was doing ok. Also a very scary night when he couldn't breathe and choked up so much of the amniotic fluid he soaked himself and all his bedding. He almost had to have his stomach pumped and oxygen levels checked. However, he seemed to have gotten most of it out. He just gags a little up now and then.  There's nothing quite so scary as looking over hearing your child choking and when picking him up discover that he's covered in fluid he's choking up and can't breathe through.
Lydia loves kissing her brother even though she's not sure about him getting the attention sometimes. It's weird to be a family of four now!
Things I learned about this delivery or things that came back to me really fast include:

  • I love epidurals, newborn sleeping sounds/faces, and my Mom
  • I hate episiotomies, nurses, and hospitals
  • Breastfeeding is STRESSFUL and hard
  • Pushing is much easier with your second baby
  • Labor makes you tired and hungry

This is the little man before coming home. He's pretty adorable. He definitely has sleeping baby syndrome and looks just like his dad. His eyes are definitely his dad's and he has a pretty hard time opening them. He gets a little better every day but I can tell it's hard for him to work those muscles. I love him so much already!! Can't wait to see what this little boy brings to our family :)


  1. Yay for new babies! Especially ones in our family :). I'm so excited for you guys. He is pretty adorable...even if I've only cuddled him once, I'm kinda smitten with him too. Let us know if you need anything! Tim is very anxious to meet his nephew! Boo school and 7 on 7 off schedules!

  2. thanks for the heads up on the fact that labor makes you tired and hungry. i will definitely need to remember that when i have my first baby.