Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sewing Skirts

So I mentioned in an earlier post that I wanted to become more crafty and put my creative skills to use. Well I'm happy to say that I have. Not only have I made some pretty dang cute crafts on craft night, with my sister-in-laws, but I decided to do some sewing for Christmas gifts. I dusted off my sewing machine that's been boxed up for about five years and found a cute pattern online to make a skirt for my five-year-old sister. She loves purple, and luckily I had purple material on hand. Here is what the beginnings of the skirt look like....

And with all the measuring and cutting, and stitching, soon these strips of cloth became this...
Well, after I successfully created this skirt, I decided I wanted to make a similar one for my 17 year old sister. So, I called for measurements and did the math to adjust the pattern size. . . or so I thought. After I cut the material for the second skirt, I realized I was making quite a large skirt. Apparently I did my math super wrong and sewed a skirt that was big enough to fit two of me, and I was eight months pregnant at the time! It took a lot of adjustment, cutting off inches of material, picking, hemming, and removing whole pieces of the skirt to finally adjust it to the right size so my sister would actually wear it. And it turned out quite nice :)
Sadie was able to wear her skirt to church the Sunday we were visiting and Kayleen wore her skirt around the house for two days while I was there. I was pretty pleased that I actually sewed something half decent. It was a frustrating, fulfilling job. Who knows what I will sew next?!


  1. Totally impressed! I am seriously jealous of your craftiness. I really wish I could sew...but alas...I'm a wood crafter, not a fabric magician :). You can make Emmy and me anything you'd like! I won't complain :)

  2. I am way jealous as well. I could never just find a pattern and do some adjustments and sew a decent skirt. I can almost sew pj pants...but with a ton of help from my mom...

    Ashley has the wood crafter
    You have the sewing
    I have...nothing. :)

  3. thank you so much ^^