Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Whenever anyone looks at Ammon, immediately I hear comments such as "He is ALL Brig," or "He looks JUST like his dad." And he does. He is his father's little miniature man.

Well, I became jealous and wanted to find some part of him that looks like me. I mean, I was the one that actually had him growing inside of me, and I'm the one that pushed him out. There has to be some visible evidence linking him to me, something so that I can claim him as mine.

Well by golly I have found it. See the evidence for yourself...

We have the same exact long skinny fingers, nails and all.  It's a funny thing to get from his mom, but I'll take it! He seriously has the longest fingers. We compared them to a five-month-old's fingers at church, and Ammon's were the same length!

So there it is. He's mine! :)  Hopefully he'll be an awesome piano player or something like that. :)


  1. Wow. My brother told me when we were growing up that I had man hands. Now you can tell Ammon growing up that he has girly hands :). Hahah, totally kidding. Seriously. He does look identical to Brig, but those are definitely YOUR hands :). He's such a cute boy. I'm so glad I'm his auntie.