Thursday, February 17, 2011


 So have you ever watched the TV show Rugrats? We watched it plenty growing up and I loved it. It's a show about life from a group of baby's perspectives. The babies get into all sorts of trouble. My house has been a little like that show lately with lots of rugrats (ok only two and one time three) running around.
Just like the cousins coming over in the show, I babysat my adorable niece Emery and it went great. I successfully fed and put all three children down for naps. :) Getting good.
I rocked both Emery and Ammon to sleep at the same time and they looked so cute together I had to take a picture. They are going to have such fun as cousins.
 Lydia is the real rugrat in our house. I would say she would take Tommy's role as the ring leader. Tommy is always trying to do things the grown ups do. Well, as you can see by the guilt in Lydia's face, she was caught trying to be just like mommy. I had given Ammon a bath and when I turned around after dressing him, I found Lydia trying to bathe her Elmo. Luckily, even though Elmo was completely submerged in the water, he still talks when you squeeze his hand.
 Just like Tommy stores stuff in his diaper... so does Lydia apparently. Lydia had a hair clip that had fallen out of her hair and we couldn't find it all day. Well, when it was time for her bath, Brigham found it. She was just saving it in her diaper for a hair emergency I guess. ( She was actually completely oblivious to the fact it was there and who knows how it got there considering she was fully clothed all day) You can see it stuck to her at the very bottom of her stomach.
And with Ammon's red hair and his father's eyes. Do you think that he'll be like Chucky? I mean with red hair sticking out everywhere and big glasses? I hope not because Chucky is a wimp! And he talks with a stuffy nose. But then again if Ammon takes after his father.... ;)
I can't really compare to the show Rugrats until I have 4 kids running around...but that hopefully is a long time away.  :) I'm just starting to enjoy my two!


  1. You are a super mom!! Also, It's so funny Lydia tried to give Elmo a bath. I love her face!

  2. I LOVE the picture of Lydia. So funny :). She is seriously so cute...and mischievous. Of coarse I love the picture of Ammon and Emmy. She really is the cutest little girl baby around, and Ammon is the cutest little boy baby around :). We'll all have our little rugrats running around encouraging each other is their acts of rebellion :)