Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Tappana- 4 Years and Counting

Dear Brigham,
Wow. I can't believe we've been married four years. That's pretty incredible. It got me thinking about everything that's happened in the last four years and I thought I would share some of it with YOU.

Walking out of the temple doors started it all. I should have know we were in trouble when my cousin yelled, "Multiply and replenish the earth!"

That first year we led a busy life full of school, work, and blissful fun and soon enough our first anniversary came and went.
Us on our first anniversary, unfortunately this is our only anniversary we took a picture, thus far.

Shortly thereafter, I became pregnant. This is probably the ONLY event that went according to plan. I have in my mind a time frame for certain events and so far getting a pregnant one year after marriage is my one and only check-mark on that timing list.

Shortly thereafter, beautiful Lydia was born. The most easy-going, mellow, baby known to earth. I'm terrified she's going to pay us back during her teenage years.

Even though I finished BEFORE Lydia was born, I didn't officially graduate until a few months after. One Bachelor's degree in Psychology for this women.

We started our annual Tappana Halloween Party that we have successfully continued throughout these past years.
We were "dark hosts" twice, that's why there's only
three Halloween pictures

Lydia turned one and DOMINATED her cupcake. This is her victory face. If you'd like to read the complete triumph, check this out.

We attended many many BYU football games and rocked our True Blue colors.
This picture cracks me up everytime.

Brigham graduated from the devil school (but with a quality education) in August. One Bachelor's degree in International Studies with a minor in Business for this man!

I was already preggo for a second time.

And shortly thereafter, handsome Ammon was born. In the last three and half months of his life he has sent me to more doctors than any human should be subjected too. I guess he'll be the easiest teenager EVER (here's to hoping).

And now it's anniversary number four. It seems pretty fitting that on our fourth anniversary, we have a beautiful family of four.

We have truly truly grown these last four years, individually and together. We've had our ups and we've had our downs, and lately it's been mostly ups. I'm so grateful to be in a marriage with my best friend that I can tell anything and everything to. I'm grateful I'm married to a man that I know loves me more than life and that does so many selfless things. What a handsome, sweet, funny, and an AWESOME dad.

I know I didn't go all out for this anniversary, but as a gift to you, Brigham, here are two things that are hard for me to say and that I should say more often.
I'm Sorry
I Love You!

Am I covered for the next year? :) I do love you and I am sorry for my mistakes. Let's raise our bowls of ice cream to the last four years and take a bite of our brownies to the next bajillion! 
Love, Kari


  1. This is the nicest thing you could've done for me. Kari Ann THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love you forever!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post. It made me happy to see all your pictures over the last four years :). Happy anniversary!