Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lydia Vs. The Birthday Cupcake

And now . . . what you've all been waiting for! The epic battle between the newly turned one-year old....and THE BIRTHDAY CUPCAKE! Who will win?! Lydia with her brute strength and six teeth of steel? Or the birthday cupcake with it's deceptively cute appearance, sticky frosting, and sickening sugar overload? Only time will tell..... Let the battle BEGIN!!
And we're off!
Lydia is presented with the challenge. You can see the opponents analyzing each other. The ref, Mom, is in the background in case things get too out of hand.
Lydia's off to a strong start with the gluttony apparent on her face. The greed in her eyes makes it seem as though this battle is to be over soon.
Ah and now the confidence returns! It appears with Lydia's nonchalant manner in which she's taking on the birthday cupcake, she feels she has this war in the bag!
Lydia now is picking at the cupcake's frosting piece by piece... slowly, ripping it apart as the greed returns to her eyes. It appears she has a fast lead!
Lydia goes in for the kill, OH! RIPPING THE BIRTHDAY CUPCAKE IN HALF!!!! It appears this is almost over folks.
But wait?! What's this? Slowly, you can see the cupcake's frosting making it's way across her hands. Is the birthday cupcake waiting to make its move? Is it slowly waiting for the kill? That smile of victory might be premature!
OH! THE CUPCAKE STRIKES! Using its secret weapon, the cupcake draws on all the sugars it can muster and attacks!! Watch as the sickness washes across Lydia's face! Has the cupcake come back for the win?! Is this battle about to be over?!
With one last flourish, the one-year old sweeps up the birthday cupcake and. . . AND IT'S GONE! SHE'S DONE IT! THE BIRTHDAY CUPCAKE IS GONE! With an incredible display of strength Lydia pushed through the sickness and manged to eat the entire final half of the birthday cupcake before it even had a chance to retaliate.
Whew! Look at that victory face! And it's well deserved. I don't think any cupcake dare cross this one-year old again.

Well folks, that was a close one! With minimal scarring.. in the end it's clear who the victor was... THE BIRTHDAY GIRL!

Stay tuned for Lydia vs. Walking With No Help, it's sure to be a close one!

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  1. She is the cutest one year old!!! I love that last face!