Friday, June 10, 2011

The New and the Old

First with the new...

If you haven't noticed, I redid the blog. In truth, I took over the blog. I kicked Brigham off and made it solely mine. We all know I was the one running it anyways.

Honestly, I've been wanting to trade my blog in for a classier look for awhile now. I just had no idea how and didn't have the time to research it. Little did I know, it would take A LOT more time than I anticipated. How in the heck is the average girl supposed to know how to edit HTML style?

So after making my same header six different times, hours of research in the help section, light-years playing around in HTML land, and pulling out more hair than I can afford to lose (seriously, how hard can it be to center a dang header?!?), I am quite pleased with the results. Hope you like them.

As for the other new news. Ammon rolled over. I think it was a one time wonder for now.

He also started solids. I knew he was ready because of the way he stares at us while we eat.

And the fact that he's starving constantly.

He did a pretty good job, not much of a story, but the pictures of the first time spoon-eating are always fun.
The mess was minimal
He ate it all gone...Super Baby!

Now with the old...

This subject fits in the old category because it happened a little while ago and, well, because my dad turned fifty, officially joining the old-raisin status (read about it here). Consequently, when he recently came to Utah, two of my brothers and I threw him a surprise birthday party. It was awesome.
He's so skinny now with his badge that blinked 50 pinned to his shirt :)
I made bbq pulled pork sandwiches (I never want to shred pork roasts again; my hands still hurt), some lame decorations, and a couple of fun games involving facts of my dad's life and guessing what the prices were of common items the year my dad was born.

With my brothers' help it ended up being really fun and my dad said he was truly surprised (even though I swear we gave it way several times).

And just a nice little insert...

The fact that I have two adorable children is old news...

which is why this picture fits perfectly here :).


  1. I like what you did! And I have to say that I'm super impressed. I have NO clue how to do anything but update my blog far as changing the style of my blog...I'll just pay the same girl that did it for me the last time the $15 that she charges. It was totally worth it to me :). But you are way more determined than I go you! Seriously...I'm impressed!
    I really like the last picture...I have such a cute niece and nephew. It makes me smile :)

  2. Ya I'm way jealous!! I don't know how to make my blog cute either. Not a clue. If you remember...and if you won't pull out your hair, you can help me! ;) just kidding. By the way you talk about it, it sounds like you never want to do it again. But it is so cute, much like the picture of Ammon and Lydia!