Thursday, June 2, 2011

Warning: Enter at Your Own Risk

 Don't these two just seem so innocent and harmless?

Well think otherwise because these two varmints seem to be constant carriers of disease. You heard it DISEASE!

Man am I sick...sick and tired of being sick! Sick of my kids being sick, sick of my husband being sick, and sick of catching what any given member of my household has and becoming SICK. 

We can't seem to make it two weeks before someone catches something. We've had ear infections, eye infections, staff infections. Pneumonia, RSV, bronchitis. Fevers, colds, allergic reactions, GERD, croup, and more. These seem to be paired with lots of doctor/hospital/ER/ambulance bills.

To top it off, anytime Ammon gets sick, it aggravates his reflux so he becomes a barfing machine. I've never dealt with so much puke in my life. Let me illustrate. We left the kids with a babysitter. In the span of two hours he full-out projectile-puked eight times. Despite Grandma Sue being traumatized, it was pretty normal.

When one of us comes down with something, I think, "As long as Ammon doesn't get it. Please don't let Ammon get it. I can survive if Ammon doesn't get it." He always gets it.

I've sanitized, wiped, boiled, sprayed, washed, and scrubbed until the only way I know of to get rid of anymore germs would be to burn the house down and to start with a clean slate. I make us wash our hands until they are chapped and bleeding and we go through hand-sanitizer like a teenage boy goes through Axe deodorant.

So if you want to come over, enter at your own risk. Depending on the week, we may or may not be ill.

I'm hoping the warmer weather starts killing all the germs so I can relax like this little man.
Otherwise my family will officially be quarantined until I deem it safe to enter the world again. 


  1. I am sorry you're all sick again!! I hope you get those germs out soon! Yuck!

  2. What the heck is going on with our family? You guys are sick...Sammy and Caitlin are sick...and Tim just got over the worst sickness that I've seen him have since we got married. I'm crossing my fingers that it stays away from Emmy and me...being sick in June is not fun! Hopefully you guys start feeling better soon!

    p.s. whats up with you and Caitlin not commenting on my blog? Am I the outcast sister-in-law? Do you guys have some secret sister-in-law society that you haven't told me about? Are you both to cool for me? I've always known that last fact...but I guess you two figured it out finally :). Oh well...