Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Four Eyes

Why do babies look so much cuter in glasses than everyone else?
Perhaps it's they way they put them on sideways and look at you as if that's the way the glasses are meant to be.
Or perhaps it's the cute round cheeks that add to the glasses glamour.
Or maybe the imitation of being grown up just tugs at your heart. How can my little girl look so adorably old?
I'm thinking it's the look of, "What are you putting me through this time? Yes, I'm once again a spectacle (no pun intended) for all."
It could be the family resemblance. Like father, like son :) 
I don't know what makes those rims so ravishing on little ones. What I do know is, four babies later...glasses never looked so good :)


  1. I love the glasses. Remind me of Harry Potter...

    I agree though. Kids in glasses are super cute! I think in the last picture of Brigham and Ammon, Brigham should have stuck his tongue out too!

  2. I love it. I agree, kids are adorable in glasses. Marc has glasses similar to those.

  3. I think I look good in glasses...thanks for letting me know that I actually don't. Hehe :)

    And I agree with Caitlin...I like the glasses. Anything that resembles Harry Potter glasses is rad in my book.

    Lydia + Glasses = Adorable! :)