Friday, September 9, 2011

The Baby Blues of my Baby Boy

 Do you see those blue eyes? Those gorgeous gorgeous eyes? Yeah...that's my baby :)

And oh how I love him.

 Do you see that shy smile? That gorgeous gorgeous smile? Yeah...that's my little girl.

And oh how I love her.

They both are growing up too fast for me.

Lydia has been long over due for a toddler bed and we finally got one for her. She loves her new "big girl bed."

Which means Ammon graduated to the crib. Thank goodness because he was getting uncomfortable in the play pin which meant long nights for mom.

We got the toddler bed, toddler mattress, and boy crib bedding all for forty dollars off of KSL. Score! And now Brigham and I have our room back to ourselves. Double score!

Most of the time it's wonderful but, sometimes when I go to check on them before I go to bed, my heart hurts that my babies are sleeping so far away from me...even though their room is right next to mine, AND we keep the baby monitor on.

Man I'm such a mom :)

I love hearing Ammon wake in the morning, look through the slats in his crib to see Lydia, and start squealing because he's so happy to see her. It usually wakes Lydia up but I don't mind because, after she shushes Ammon and bossily tells him to close his eyes and go to sleep, they usually laugh and babble at each other until I get them up.

However, naptime is a different story and I really DON'T like hearing them babble and squeal at each other for three hours. I finally had to stagger what time they went down so one could be asleep when the other one goes in to take a nap. They still wake each other up, but less often. It's a work in progress.
They sure love each other. And I sure love them.

And this baby boy is almost eight months! I've been bad at keeping track of his stepping stones so here's a brief synopsis, as of late. He's days away from crawling, can sit up on his own, is covered head to toe in eczema due to some dumb allergy, loves to clap, eat, and smile. He loves toys that he can shake to make noise, and any new texture that he can feel.
He's my massive little man with gorgeous blue eyes. And he's a momma's boy. I'm definitely ok with that :)


  1. I never noticed how blue Ammon's eyes are but that first pictures truly shows them off! Cute pictures :). I can't believe how fast they've grown up too! If only they could stay small forever...but yet grow up mentally as adults so eventually they can move out. Hahahaha :)

  2. Haha. I know I sorta already told you what I was going to write on this blog....but I totally know how you feel with Ammon not in your room. I am way sad that Abby isn't in mine...but on the other hand, now I can have our fan hit us without worrying about her. And boy, Ammon sure does have pretty eyes!

  3. Such cute kids! I will be experiencing what your going through with nap time one day. I'm sure it's a journey to figure that all out.