Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baby It's Cold Inside

On Groundhog's Day, Mr. Groundhog dismally predicted six more weeks of winter. Although I shouldn't complain since this winter has been pretty mellow, I was very disappointed. Maybe it's because I've had some of those winter blues, or maybe I'm just antsy to get outside again, but I'm tired of being cold! And I'm tired of the sicknesses that float around in the colder months.

Unfortunately, Mr. Groundhog did is his job expertly and it's been cold and snowy this last week. And my kids finally got sick. We've been doing great this winter, scraping by with good health, but they succumbed to the nasty coughs, runny noses, and we're currently weaning Lydia through a strange fever.

Being in the basement with the snow and the cold, it tends to be chillier than the average household. One evening, poor, sick Ammon couldn't seem to stop shivering during dinner. So I did what any good mom would and bundled the kid up so he could eat in peace.

Sporting a jacket, hat, and bib, we continued on. I would have put gloves on too but they would have been covered in oranges.

I knew he was doing better when his smiles returned and his resumed eating with gusto. That's my boy.

He may have looked silly eating all bundled up, but it did the trick and soon he threw his hat on the floor in victory over the cold - well, actually because he throws everything on the floor, but I knew it meant he was warm and that was a victory for me. Curse you cold - we will win!

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  1. I am glad Ammon was able to continue eating in the cold! It was pretty cold today I noticed when I dropped Abby off. Hopefully it will warm up soon!