Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Change of Attitude

It's that time of year again. Thanksgiving. I was sitting here writing a post explaining why I'm sorta ba-hum-bug about it this year. Basically giving excuses as to why I'm so ungrateful. Then I deleted everything I wrote because I realized I was just complaining about having a full, bountiful life. I was missing the whole point! So to change my crappy attitude and suck up the extra cooking I have to do when I feel so tired (sorry that complaint just slipped out and I can't take it back), here's what I'm grateful for. Because really I have SO much to be grateful for. So much.

  • I'm grateful for having a spare double stroller so that when my husband has to unexpectedly take my car, due to his having a flat tire, I can walk with my kids to trax to pick up my car (which has our regular stroller in it's trunk). And now that I think about it I'm grateful we live within walking distance to trax. 

  • I'm grateful for the library. Thanks to the library I have hours of free entertainment. Books, movies, and more. Every time I walk out of there with an armful of books I feel as excited as if I just won the lottery. Seriously. Every time.

  • I'm grateful for electricity that provides light so I can read my books late into the night. And lets me microwave food in minutes. 

  • I'm grateful for my 6 different credit cards that allow me to get great discounts at great places. That's right six. In fact I've been planning to open another one soon. Gotta have that 5% off and free shipping. I'm also grateful for the discipline I have to pay them all off immediately to live debt free.

  • I'm grateful my dad taught me an easier/better way to cut apples this past summer. So much time saved and frustration avoided. Thanks Dad.

  • I'm grateful for my husband's new job. It's nice having to figure out how to adjust to improvements.

  • I'm grateful that time of the month just ended so I won't be double bloated after all my Thanksgiving dinners. TMI? Sorry.

  • I'm grateful for all my extended family. They make my holidays crazy and wonderful. And they are always there. I love them.

  • I'm grateful for exercise. I love to hate it. It tortures me. It makes me happy. I'm grateful to be able to stretch my body to be better.

  • I'm grateful for food. It fuels my body. It keeps me going. It is delicious. And nutritious (sometimes).

  • I'm grateful for my mom. She's the best.

  • I'm grateful for my mind. I love understanding things. I love learning and growing and comprehending. I'm one smart cookie. Unless I'm trying to sound smart. Then I'm really dumb.

  • I'm grateful for my husband who does so much. He never stops. Work, school, homework, family, church. And he's the one that's making me feel better when his schedule is stressing ME out. And he also still finds me beautiful when I haven't showered in five days. That's true love people.

  • I'm grateful for a daughter that is understanding way too much now. Constantly challenging me to be better and asking why. Why do cars go fast? Why do we crack eggs? Why do we throw things in the garbage? Why? Because Lydia. Just because. And you're beautiful, that's why.

  • I'm grateful for a son that head-butts everything. People, walls, toys, church benches, elevators. While painful when getting him dressed, it is also very entertaining.  

  • I'm grateful for the Gospel. It is my life and who I am. I love my Savior. He deserves my greatest Thank You.

I could go on for hours...I'm sure you're wishing I were. But I will end here and wish everyone a Happy Turkey Day and may you count your blessing and find joy in what you have. I know I need to do better. I don't know how I couldn't be grateful with these three!



  1. Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love your list!

  2. I love this! Such a great post :). I was going to copy you...and Caitlin...and then I got too busy on Thanksgiving and I didn't get to it. Now I feel like it's too far after the fact. So, I'll do it next year. You guys have a ton to be thankful for! Thanks for sharing and reminding me that I have been so blessed in my life too.