Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blackberry Custard Pie Experiment

It's been a long times since I did a cooking post so I thought I would delve into my latest dish. This past Thanksgiving I had three different dinners to attend and therefore could not escape pie assignments. Usually, I'll do anything to get out of making a pie because I'm terribly intimidated by pie-making. You can go oh so wrong with pies. And with my track record with desserts, I avoid pies like the plague. However, since it was unavoidable this year, I was researching different pies to make with the frozen fruit I have in my freezer and I came upon this recipe: Blackberry Custard Pie.

I was frightened and yet intrigued. I love custard - my grandma has made it for us for years and so it brings fond memories of home and growing up - and yet custard, with blackberries, and pie? Well, I decided I'd probably screw it up anyways so I might as well try something new. And it would use up some blackberries that are taking up lots of room in my freezer. And it looked super easy to make.

You know what it was!

Although I didn't start until way to late at night so I was irrationally freaking out about it being done enough, and about frozen blackberries messing up the cooking time, and about cooling time, and how one side of my crust fell in a little bit, etc, etc etc, I was pleasantly surprised with my results.

I think because my blackberries were frozen it dyed the custard purple when they thawed out while cooking, but I kind of like it that way better. Anyways, I was so happy with how it turned out I took pictures of my first successful pie. And even though the crust got a little well-done (yes it was a store-bought crust) I was still impressed that my crust-braiding turned out. So much so, that I took a close-up shot.

Then I moped myself to bed saying, "I just took twelve pictures of a pie," while Brigham laughed at me. However, the next day when it was cut into it wasn't runny and I received lots of compliments on the pie. I personally thought it was delicious. It was nice to have something lighter and different and the custard made the berries sweet and tasty. I did hear one relative say, "It's different." And then as an afterthought, "But good."

So if you ever need an easy pie and you've got blackberries, this is your go-to recipe. Believe me, if I can do it so can you. I'll probably be making this one for years to come now.


  1. Sure wish I could taste that one. It looks so yummy! Good job on it. Good job. PS, there is nothing wrong with a store bought crust!

  2. Your pie turned out beautiful! Excellent work Kari. And I agree with Cailtin...there isn't anything wrong with store bought crust...or a store bought pie which is what I typically do :)