Friday, February 15, 2013

Fun Dips, Hot Date, and Warm Bodies

Yesterday was one of the best holidays of the year: Valentine's Day! Oh how I love this holiday, and always have. Something about the pink, red, handing out treats, flowers, chocolate, and just a general expression of love for others makes me giddy with excitement. And the thought of secret admirers and secret trysts of romance always pull at my heart strings...even though that's never happened to me. I like to pretend or imagine it for others. I'm just a romantic at heart.

I always give out valentines, because that's half the fun! This year my kids were excited to hand out Wonka Fun Dip valentines

I can't help but get these for my kids to give out because they bring back such good memories. We LOVED the fun dips as kids. Dip a candy stick into colored sugar and lick it off, and then you get to EAT the stick!? Oh man, the best. Can't pass those up.

I dressed the kids up in Valentine colors that morning and we went and exercised, went to the bank (handing out Valentines everywhere we went), and then came home to normal routine for the afternoon. I told my kids to smile for a Valentine's Day picture and this is what they gave me:

And this is the best I got:

They were all too happy to display their Valentine's Day gifts:

Just a couple new plates and a box of sweethearts candy (how can you have Valentine's day without those?) for each of them. We go simple and sweet around here.

That night Brigham and I were able to go on a nice date together.

If you know the show, this is one of the cutest Valentines ever.  Which  is why I sent it to Brigham for our hot date :)

We wanted to eat at Pei Wei, but it was a two hour wait (for a fast food Chinese place?! What the heck?!) so we went to Iceberg instead and used our gift certificate from Christmas and a BOGO coupon for a shake. After dinner we went and saw the movie Warm Bodies.

Brigham really wanted to see it, but I was highly skeptical. However, due to the lack of other preferable options and high recommendations from family, I said ok and I'm glad. I really liked it! It was funny and creepy and cute. A little language, but that's it. And I was able to enjoy it even though the theater smelled like someone had just puked and then someone else came along and dumped a bottle of cleaner on top of it. It was bad. I watched the movie while breathing through my coat the whole time.

Despite our troubles, it was good to get away with my handsome Valentine. I wish I had taken a picture of the two of us - I brought my camera and everything - but unfortunately I'm only good for capturing the kids. Here's an old one from our first Valentine's Day together:

Oh how young we were. And I'm liking my hair! So Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loved ones. I hope you got a smooch, whether it was from your spouse, parent, friend, or baby - love is good from anyone!


  1. oh that is such a cute pic of you guys! i love how you just gave out valentines to random people- thats adorable. i hope they got some too!! happy vday to you guys!

  2. Fun day! Sam is planning our date for tomorrow. I hope it involves seeing Warm Bodies too. I REALLY want to see it!