Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ammon's February Sleep Segment

As you know, I often post pictures of Ammon sleeping because he seems to fall asleep at the weirdest times, and in the weirdest positions. February was no exception and I quickly racked up a few pictures of my little boy's silly sleep habits.

Sound asleep with his legs propped up against the wall. I figured, maybe he was admiring his beloved Spiderman slippers before he fell asleep? Notice he has stolen all of Lydia's blankets again, though she didn't seem to be too upset.

But alas, my slipper theory was questioned when, on a completely different day, I found him in the exact same position, sans Spiderman slippers.

Apparently, he just finds it comfortable? I love how he even moved his pillow and tried to recover himself up in that position.

It seems another afternoon he was contemplating some distressing things before he fell asleep.

It was hard to get a good angle for the picture, but it really looked like he was depressed, all curled up in a ball with his forehead in his hands.

And sometimes he does just sleep like a normal little angel and it's everything I can do not to kiss him back awake.

I just love him all cuddley with his Elmo and rosy cheeks. Peacefully sleeping children are the sweetest things in the world.

Now to just get his big sister to sleep as easily as he does...


  1. Oh sweet little Ammon. I love sleeping children too. I could watch Abby all day if that were possible. I love how he falls asleep so weird!

  2. That kid cracks me up! Hahahaha, and I love that you take pictures of him :). Sadly, my camera is on the fritz right now and I can't figure out what the heck is wrong with it. So, maybe you should just come over to my house daily and snap a few pictures of my kids since you're so good at it! There must be something about the Tappana boys because Emmy never slept weirdly, but Jack has already taken up to some crazy positions. This post made me smile :)