Friday, March 1, 2013

You Know You're PMSing When...

Suddenly you must eat all chocolate or greasy foods in sight. And if there aren't any in sight, you must obtain them NOW...

You're feeling very...unapproachable...

Normal things suddenly seem to take much more effort.

Perhaps you may become a bit irrational, but you don't realize it and just feel misunderstood. Or, like me, half the time you DO realize it and the fact that you can feel it happening but feel powerless to stop it...makes you freak out worse.

Or, your daughter simply asks, "Mom, are you going to be my mom forever?" and it takes everything you have to not become a complete basket case and sob uncontrollably.

True story.

After I regained composure I couldn't only think, "What is wrong with me? Oh...Crap! It's coming!" And then I remembered this:

And I just shook my head in sadness. Normally it's one of the funniest things in the world to me because it's so true, but not too much is funny during PMS...

If only things could go a little differently.

**Disclaimer: In my defense, I think the question that Lydia asked is one of the sweetest, most cutest questions ever, and I might have gotten a little teary normally with gratitude that I COULD answer that I am her mom forever. However, the complete urge to sob so completely and the sudden flood of death scenarios in my head where Lydia is suddenly without me, and ends up with a different mom, and her not understanding what happened because I told her I would be her mom forever, and her heart being broken, and her being messed up for life....totally tipped me into the crazy PMS category. 

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  1. Hahahaha! This is such a funny blog. I love it. And sweet Lydia. That is a sweet question, and it would have made me cry too.