Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Making Me Laugh

Being a two-year-old boy, there are many mischievous things that can send Ammon to time out. Just the other day, he noticed that Lydia was trying to put all the animals away in our Old Mcdonald truck, so he promptly grabbed the truck and ran as fast as he could away from her, laughing with glee as she pursued.

What a trouble maker.

He constantly is bullying that girl. She knows she can't lay on the floor, otherwise Ammon will body slam, wrestle, or jump on her. He takes anything she has, and will ruin most of her artwork in seconds. 

Sometimes he unintentionally ruins her life.

While checking out at Smiths, the kids were given five stickers by the nice gentlemen bagging groceries. They were so excited; usually they get one sticker, not five! Ammon promptly peeled all five of his stickers off and stuck them in the same exact spot on his shirt. Lydia waited until we got home and put them in a "safe" spot for later. Hours later I heard death wails from Lydia, which led me to Ammon and his suddenly increased sticker-bling.

Much to Lydia's dismay, when I noticed the nice, tidy row of Lydia's stickers he had made right next to his own, I couldn't stop laughing long enough to give Ammon the punishment she thought he deserved.

Ten stickers all  stuck in the same two spots on his shirt. He sure was proud. I still laugh when I see these pictures and think all the horror he unknowingly caused. I mean, what would you do if you found a strip of stickers in your toy box (Lydia's "safe" place to hide them...)? Surely you would stick them all in the same spot on your shirt immediately too.

Ammon's had his paybacks, however. One morning, we cleared off his plate because he had eaten double the amount of pancakes for breakfast than usual, and we thought he should be done. He thought otherwise.

Like usual, his devastation was quite hilarious to me so I videoed it. Enjoy.

I also recorded another time I couldn't stop laughing because of his anger towards me in timeout. In between crying, he let me have a piece of his mind. This video is after he had already been yelling at me for a good while, and I went to check up on him.

Angry, tantrum-filled toddlers are funny within the walls of your own home.

And then, just because I'm sure you're tired of hearing Ammon cry and about all of the trouble he causes, sometimes he's just a sweet boy who plays in his Spiderman slippers and cooks me delicious things and lets me pretend sip samples of his work, over and over and over again (I think it's because he likes the dramatic slurping sounds I make).

I think he'll be quite the chef saw how he is with his food... :)

This is truer than ever with Ammon running around:

I'll be so upset at him or anything else in the world, but then he'll flash me his cheese grin or do something silly, and I find that I'm laughing. It's the best.

It's fun to have a little boy around here keeping life interesting.


  1. hahhaha what a stinker! but a cute, cute stinker

  2. This is hilarious! Silly little boy. He is so cute!

  3. He cracks me up! Why is it that when little boys are naughty we still think it's cute...but when our little girls are naughty, we get mad? Hmmmmm...maybe it's because we expect boys to be little stinkers. I have a feeling Jack is following in Ammon's footsteps!