Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fish Pond Field Trip

This last Friday was Lydia's first Preschool field trip. Friends and family were invited so Ammon and I packed up to come along and we headed out to the fishing pond.

At the fishing pond the kids picked out a fishing pole.

The we started to try to catch some fish!

Basically I did everything - bait the hook, cast the line, yank the hook when we got a bite, and pulled it in - and the kids just held on to the pole they were "fishing".

Luckily, I love fishing so it was no problem for me.

Lydia was terrified of the fish and wouldn't even hold the line so we could get a picture with her and her fish.

If you notice, she's crouched up as close to me as possible, terrified of the wet fish flapping in her face. I don't blame her too much...and it was pretty funny.

She was also freezing all morning which is why she has my big, baggy jacket hanging off her in most the pictures. It was actually freezing that day and I was way under prepared in the warm layers department.

Ammon I could at least get to hold the line for a picture, even though he was a bit afraid as well.

I like this shot because you can see the fish coming out of the water.

Ammon with his catch.

Ammon was obsessed with watching the fish flap around in the bucket after we caught them.

After catching the fish, the nice man in the shop cleaned all the guts out for us, ripped the fish hearts out, and showed the kids how they were still beating. It was gross and so cool at the same time.

The kids played on the playground and in the tree house and had a grand time. The kids then gathered with Mrs Feather for a preschool picture before we went home.

The fish we caught sure were tasty that night and we had a good time together.


  1. Sooo fun!! I absolutely love fishing. We have so many rivers and lakes around us now that I'm hoping we can go a lot while we're here. We go on walks by this little river a block from our house and often see kids with their fishing poles sitting on the grass. It makes me smile :). I think that was such a fun field trip! So glad you guys are doing well!!

  2. Oh this post is so fun! Sounds like a way fun field trip, even if you had to actually eat the fish you caught! :) I am glad you guys are doing so well!