Monday, October 5, 2015

28 Weeks...(a couple weeks ago)

I've been meaning to update this when I was actually 28 weeks, but since I'm actually 30 weeks in a couple days, I'm running behind. Time is just getting away from me...which is ironic because I swear this pregnancy is taking FOREVER.

Here I am at 28 weeks. Don't let camera angles deceive you. While I don't have a huge belly, those maternity pants I have on are so tight that I joke that I don't need compression sleeves to prevent varicose veins. That storing up fat on your hips, butt, and thighs is no joke for me while pregnant. I grow at the same rate in back, as I do in front.

It really gets to me at times, and I feel like complaining constantly because I'm so frustrated, especially because I've been working out really hard and trying to stay fit, healthy, and active.

As for actual weight gain, my doctor says I've gained 20 lbs (I'm pretty sure it's actually 25) and that shes's not concerned...she just doesn't know how I pack it on at the end. I wanted to stick between 25 and 30 lbs weight gain, but I can tell you now if I've already gained 20, that's not going to happen. I told my doctor that I was irritated about it all and she thought my concern was "cute" and just said that since I'm tall I have leeway for extra poundage and that she's not irritated at all, otherwise she'd let me know. Then she bugged me about getting a flu shot.

I've been trying to remind myself what a miracle my body is doing, how my hormones are kicking in to help make a baby, and that it doesn't really matter what size I am and to stop comparing myself to those moms that just get a basketball under their shirts that magically disappears after nine months. I swore I wouldn't complain about weight gain this pregnancy, that I would just be happy that I am pregnant, but I've been letting vanity and sheer frustration get me down. Not to mention worry about what each pound means I have to do AFTER I give birth. It's torture losing that baby weight.

I know that's a lot of complaining, and really it's not so bad, I''m not blimping up like a balloon or anything, I just am not meeting my somewhat unrealistic expectations. I'm more at a place of acceptance and excitement for this little boy, I just wanted to document some of these frustrations that I have because when I go back and read about my past pregnancies, I find myself wishing I had wrote more about feelings like this so I can compare, remember, and see where I'm at.

Other updates:

Heartburn: It's out of control. I try to make myself remember to only eat small amounts, otherwise I'm SO uncomfortable, but now that I can eat most things that's hard to do. Especially since I'm hungry all the time. I know diet is the weak link with my 20 lbs too. I need to eat more often, and smaller meals. As the day goes on, my heartburn goes up with lovely bloating and gas. Blech.

This baby is SO low! I swear I just want to take a stick and poke this kid up higher. When he kicks, it literally feels like he's kicking me in the butt. Move up kid!

Lydia and Ammon act a little more excited, I think because we often talk about having a brother, so they have come to accept what is coming. However, while on Ammon's preschool field trip, a baby girl was crying and Ammon stared at her in horror with an expression that could only say, "What is wrong with her?!" Boy he has no idea what's coming. I actually find it hilarious. I'm excited for them to learn and grow by adding another person to our family.

Nesting has been in force for awhile. We went to set up our old crib, but Ammon destroyed it beyond repair and now it's only good for firewood. So we bought a crib off of VarageSale (basically on online community garage sale site) and that was a hassle. Without realizing it, they didn't give us all the screws to put the crib together, and without instructions it was like putting together a puzzle that you don't know what the final picture looks like, while also missing pieces. One frustrating night! Once I finally figured it out, we were able to match screws at the hardware store to finally complete the crib. I was NOT happy with the people that sold it to us. I thought they should give us some money back, or at least the cost of the screws we had to buy, but I guess that's the risk you take when you buy something used.

We pulled in all the other baby stuff from the garage, and now we have so much space out there!...and no room in the house anymore. I forgot how much crap you need for a baby and how much room they take. We've been busy cleaning, de-junking, and organizing to make room for baby stuff.

That's about it for the updates, besides also passing the glucose/anemic tests. They said no news is good news and I haven't heard anything since the blood draw so I'm assuming I'm good. Ten weeks left to go!


  1. holy cow youre 30 weeks? i swear you just announced you were pregnant. the kids are going to be great- and i love the fhe idea of learning how to take care of a baby

  2. Geeze Kari. Way to post a pregnancy update right after me. :) haha. JK!! That crib sounds like such a nightmare. Glad you got it all figured out though. And I'm so jealous you are 30 weeks, but I'm also happy for you. I cannot wait to see little Kendrick. Him and Andy will for sure be the best of friends!