Monday, March 8, 2010

Bunch of Animals

So for Lydia's first birthday we went to the Hogle Zoo. It was great fun! Lydia still was more fascinated by the people at the zoo rather than the animals, but she did enjoy the animals enough to point at a few of them. The boys (meaning Brigham and his brothers) had a few snow ball fights and acted like they belonged at the zoo themselves.  Out of all the animals, the cougar was Lydia's favorite. That's my true blue BYU girl :)
Lydia and this monkey got along well. When the monkey put its hands where Lydia's were, she quickly turned her head and looked at me as if to say, "Mom!" It was pretty hilarious.Uncle Sam and Lydia has fun looking at the giraffes. In particular this giraffe kept licking the wall. It was pretty silly!Lydia enjoyed the muskrat (I hope that's what it is). She used her famous pointing.
Can you tell Lydia loves being outside? 
Here we are measuring up to the gorillas. I'm annoyingly tall already. I'd be freakish if I were a girl gorilla. However, we make a good human family :)
We had an awesome time at the Zoo and it was a perfect activity for Lydia.  Someday she'll stare at the animals more than the people :)

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  1. Oh that makes me wish I was there with you guys! Sometimes I hate the fact that I have to be responsible every now and then. It isn't any fun at all! :) I can't believe she's one. That just blows my mind! She's adorable :).