Tuesday, March 30, 2010


For years I've loved doing my younger sisters' hair. I've been anxiously awaiting the growth of Lydia's hair so that I could style it as well. Finally it's long enough that I was able to get the elastics out. At first I was worried that it would draw attention to the birthmark on her head, but then it was so cute I didn't care.

Here we see adorable pigtails. Another take of the pigtails. Here is the "pebbles" look. She just looked so adorable this day. Top view of her crawling.Top view of her head.
Lydia sits very well while I comb her hair and style it. She's actually very curious about the whole process. She'll even take the comb and hold it up to her hair to try and comb it. I'm so happy I get to do my little girls hair :)

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