Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Lydia's birthday party was a hit. Why? Because she loved it and that's what's important. We had pizza, her favorite (in one sitting she's eaten a whole slice and a half, impressive for her age). And you can see that mess above. It made more mess than her cupcake did (pictures soon to come)! We had lots of friends over including her best friend John who got his own cupcake. Then it was presents time. Lydia received tons of cute clothes, a new carseat, books (another favorite), toys, and a walker toy (her new favorite). It was really good to see everyone and to have everyone there to celebrate the first year of Lydia's life. I love this little angel and this last year has felt so complete because of her. It's funny I never knew I was missing anything until she came along. There is so much satisfaction in just living now because she's with Brigham and me. It was fun for me during the day to think back a year ago and remember the joy of giving birth and of welcoming her into our lives. I didn't know what was coming! The love, the tears, the new beginnings. It has been SO fun seeing all the new changes and I look forward to seeing what her next birthdays bring!

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  1. I wish we had been there when she ate her cupcake! She's gotten so big...I can hardly remember the little baby she was not that long ago :). She is just so darn cute! I know for a fact her Uncle Tim is proud! Happy Birthday Lydia!