Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brasilia, Brazil

Last Wednesday night, we were able to join my brother Scott as he opened his mission call.
It was such a fun night for us. We were able to represent the family in person, as the rest skyped in from Washington as he read his call.
Scott really wanted to go out of the country and to learn another language. When he read Brazil, we were all thrilled for him. What is crazy is that, seriously, about five other boys who are Scott's friends in our town of Maple Valley, were also called to Brazil. 
I'm so proud of Scott, he has grown into such an amazing young man. I can't believe my Scottie is old enough to serve a mission! I have seen him mature in the last little while and it has been impressive. As he read his call it was hard for me to not get choked up because I just was so proud of his willingness and worthiness to serve the Lord.

When I think of Scott I feel so protective because, well, he's my little brother. Whether it was giving him a ride on the back of my banana-seat bike to kindergarten every day, or spending a whole vacation tromping around in the Redwoods, climbing trees, and confronting a bug that descended from a foreign planet together, or helping him out getting started at BYU, I feel like I've looked out for him.

Sure, I may have willingly electrocuted him, and accidentally ran over him with my bike twice, but I did my best :) An older sister can only be so kind.

Despite being so happy for his mission call, I'm going to miss him a lot! I've loved having him in Utah with me. Scott is going to do so great. His awesome sense of humor and ability to get along with almost everyone will be so perfect for his mission. Also, he always wants to help others and has such a tender heart for those in need. The people in Brazil will see this first hand.

Scott, you will be amazing. You have such potential and I see it growing in you more and more lately. You are such a strong man. I love you and I'm going to miss you! Congrats Elder Nelson!

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