Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Tunnel Is So Fun We Call It a Funnel!

 Lydia received a new fun gift for her birthday this year --a long pink and green tunnel she can climb through.
 Oh the glee in her face.

Not only did Lydia love it, but this tunnel seems to attract a few others as well. They gravitated towards this contraption like a moth gravitates towards a lightbulb.
Brigham was thrilled that he could potentially walk around naked inside the tunnel. Of course he would think of that.
It is pretty awesome, and I now know what to get a certain sister-in-law for Christmas this year ;)


  1. The funnel is fun. Adults can find joys in simple things too!

  2. Hahahaha...I have to admit...I simply rock :). That picture is awesome! I need a copy of it!

    I saw the "funnel" at Babies "R" Us the other day and I had to stop myself from going crazy and buying it. That is seriously the coolest gift ever! I was kinda hoping Lydia wouldn't like that you could give it to me :).

    I love the picture of her crawling through it! SO cute! :)