Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Real Story

On the day of Lydia's birthday and Ammon's blessing, we tried to get a cute picture of the two on the couch together. Generally, most parents try to go for the polite picture of the kids smiling at the camera together. With a two-year-old and a two-month-old together, that is a pretty hilarious feat. The pictures we ended up with, I actually love. They show off the true characteristics of my children and the real story of Lydia and Ammon together.

For example, this photo where Lydia is smiling so beautifully, but Ammon is about to have a freak out moment as you can see by his blurry arm and foot, and twitch on his face.                                                                                            

This one shows Lydia's tendency to literally smother Ammon with affection, and Ammon's usual escape attempt of squirming --his arm reaching out and his collar ruffled either by her extreme affection, or purely in self-defense. 

I love this picture! As we fix the ruffled Ammon, Lydia is looking so tenderly at him. She really does love her little brother.

Now both kids are getting tired of sitting still. Lydia's done with looking at the camera, and Ammon is more interested in eating his shirt. What do we expect of them anyways?

However, after some more coaxing, we get a "decent" picture of the two sitting together. Personally, I like a couple of the others better :)


  1. They're all cute :)-at least Ammon's not puking! That wouldn't be a pretty picture...

  2. Lydia is a good big sister!! I think all the pictures are adorable!