Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another One

 Yes, yes I know. All my posts are about my two kids lately. Sorry I have become the fanatical mom that only talks about her kids. I've been thinking of posting an adult blog (whatever that means) lately, but I just keep taking pictures that I have to post. So bear with me, here's another one.
So shout out to Auntie Ash and Auntie Cait. Besides being pretty much the only ones that read our blog, they also gave us the awesome bumbo chair.
I put Ammon in it for the first time and he loves it! It was so funny because he looked around like, "Hey, what's going on...I'm sitting up?" 
He only lasts for a few minutes before his neck gets tired and he kind of slumps forward (which is also funny, however cruel to make him sit like that), and it serves as a great distraction for when he's crabby.
Not only does Ammon love it, but so does Lydia. She actually fits in in and we have to convince her to let Ammon have a turn in his chair because she carries it around the house with her.
So thanks aunts and uncles, and hopefully a post will follow that is about something other than kids. I'm not guaranteeing anything seeing as how they are sort of my whole world right now and Ammon's blessing and Lydia's birthday are just around the corner... but we'll see :).


  1. I don't mind kid posts! I'm sure I'll be doing it a lot once baby comes. I'm glad Ammon likes his bumpo. And I'm glad Lydia likes it too! Cute little stinkers!

  2. I like the picture where he's smiling :). Super cute! I'm glad he likes it...and that he's already sitting in it! What a champ! I loved mine for Emmy. It was such a lifesaver when it came to cleaning and cooking dinner...and doing pretty much any mommy time :)