Monday, May 21, 2012

Belly Breeze

Now that we live in the fourth floor, rather than in the basement, it's much warmer than we've been used to and I had to pull out the cooler summer pajamas.

When I put on Ammon's twelve-month set, I noticed a problem:

They were a bit too small.

He didn't seem to mind the extra belly-breeze and slept better that night than he had all week.

It wasn't until the following morning, when I noticed the red rings around his forearms from too-tight of sleep wear, that I decided I'd better get him clothes that actually fit. Size 18M, here we come months ahead of schedule. Now to cross my fingers that he'll still fit in all the size eighteen-months fall clothes I bought ahead of time.


  1. Emmy went on schedule with all of her sizes until the eighteen month size. It seemed she was wearing those way before she should! I love that picture of Ammon :). He looks like he's posing for a model shoot or something :). Hahahaha

  2. Haha! I hope he fits into his 18 month clothing as well! I know a certain cute shirt i want to see him in come Fall.