Monday, May 14, 2012

New Place Perks

Since we have recently moved to a new condo in Sandy, we have been adjusting to the new place. There are a few things that haven't taken any adjustment at all. I like to call them the new place perks. And I will be doing a mini series of them here on the blog. You're welcome.

As for perk one, take the old place bathtime:

Crammed in a mini tub after waiting hours for the shower to fill it up. It was doable.

However, this is preferable:

A spacey tub that we can fill up with lots of warm water for everyone. Heck, all of us could fit in there! (next family picture idea? :))

What's even more lucky is that we all DON'T have to fit in there because Brigham and I have our very own bathroom and tub/shower of our own. No grimy kids to mess up my shower space (though at times I think the contamination of a husband is worse. Men can be such filthy creatures).

Not only is it easier to fill up, drain, and wash the children, but the kids also play much longer because they have space to really splash and enjoy themselves.

I guess what I'm saying is if you have kids and don't have a bathtub, I highly recommend you get one. It makes life just that much easier. And that is my first new place perk.


  1. hhaha oh my goodness i love that pic of them in that tiny tub! and i am a HUGE fan of tubs- i dont know how you ever survived without one. and yyaa for getting a 2nd one!!

  2. I still can't believe how long you guys went without having a tub! So glad you have two now! I can't wait to see your new place :). We need to come and visit so I can check it out and get more excited for you and having such a nice new place to live!