Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day at Wheeler Farm

This past weekend we had some time together because of Memorial Day weekend. Saturday we did a little shopping and a lot of nothing, spent Sunday at church followed by more relaxing time, and then Monday we packed up the kids and headed to Wheeler Rarm.

Cousins Emmy and Jackson, with Aunt Ashley, joined us looking at the farm animals. Four kids plus two double strollers equals contained chaos.

I loved that you could just wander around the farm and look at the animals at your own leisure without attendants pestering or ushering you along. It allowed us to pet the horses (in Brigham's case, get bitten on the shoulder by a horse), stare at the ugly turkeys, and have the baby calf poop in our faces - a good amount of farm experiences.

And we loved the birds that ran around all over the place.

We luckily brought bread to feed the ducks and geese.

And Ammon. He didn't really want to share his bread and just ate it himself, despite my best persuasive tactics.

Don't worry Ammon, you'll get the hang of it. I have a feeling we'll be practicing again soon.

Beautiful weather, family, a pond full of honking-squawking-quacking birds, and lots of bread - what more could you want? How about a group picture?

Well you got that too! :)

Then it was time to head back to the cars to go our separate ways.

Aunt Ashley and cousins had to go while we stayed and had a picnic and played on the playground.

Later we reconvened with all the Tappana family for a barbecue at our new place to show it off. Despite a broken grill, it was enjoyable to relax, chat, and eat lots of side dishes before everyone headed back to the daily grind the next day.

Thanks to all the servicemen and women that paved the way for us. We passed a cemetery on our way to the farm and I was touched to see it buzzing with activity. I'm so grateful we can honor the memory of those that have gone before us, sacrificing so we can live as we do. I especially want to thank my friend, Michelle Crossan, who served this country in Iraq and just recently passed away in a tragic car accident. We still feel your beautiful spirit and send all our love your way and to your family!

I'm grateful for a weekend to spend with my family and for those who made it possible. Hope you were able to remember, honor, and enjoy time with loved ones too.

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