Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I guess it doesn't help to bring sunscreen if you don't actually put it on your kids.

I'm a really great mom that way.

First walk along the Jordan River this year and my kids got fried. I always seem to have to burn them once when the weather starts warming up before I get smart enough to slather in sunscreen. This time I brought it along but didn't put them on. Like I said, I'm a really great mom.

In other news: we've moved. It went smoother than expected but I am still recovering and pretty busy. I will have updates soon.

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  1. Poor Lydia...she has such fair skin! I totally feel for her because I know what it's like to get burned after being in the sun for five minutes. I was worried about Emmy because her skin seems to be the same color as mine...but Tim took her swimming in Las Vegas for an hour and totally spaced putting the sunblock on her. She didn't burn! Then the other day we went to Wheeler Farm, and I totally spaced the sunblock...and she still didn't burn! I'm hoping maybe, just maybe she lucked out with Tim's coloring. I guess we'll see!