Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kid Craft Day: Magic Tape Letters

Because we've moved and had a lot going on lately, I've been sadly lacking in the craftiness department. I still haven't gotten all my groove back, but I recently decided to do a fun little project with the kiddos. I've seen a few variations of this project on Pinterest and decided to give it a go.

First step is to take some clear tape and use it on a piece of blank paper to make a design, letters, or whatever you want.

Then you take the paper and color ALL over it.

Ammon did surprisingly good. I thought he would only try to eat the crayons but he actually made a few scribbles on his paper...

And then he did end up having a bit of a snack.

Lydia, colored like a champ even though I had to convince her to not color ONLY on the tape but around it as well, and to use colors besides black and brown (I'm not sure why she was drawn to such drab colors that day).

Jeez, Mom. You're always telling me to color IN the lines and now I'm supposed to scribble all over?!

This is what our papers looked like after taping and coloring:

Can you guess who's is who's and what will magically appear?

Whala, the mystery is solved!

Lydia really enjoyed this project.

I mean, REALLY enjoyed it.

Oh, that picture makes me smile every time I look at it.

Ammon liked our project until I took his snack crayons away.

Then he just got sad and angry.

And then even sadder and angrier.

Oh, that picture makes me laugh every time I look at it. How dare I ignore him to try and get a good picture!

And that's my latest crafting adventure. The taping of so many letters on the paper actually was a little tedious and took me about twenty minutes to do, while the coloring also lasted about twenty minutes. A nice, neat, free, forty-minute project that we all enjoyed. Well mostly. I definitely recommend this for a rainy day in to entertain the little ones with magically appearing designs.

If you would like to view the original masterpieces they are currently on display at the Tappana Household in exhibit: Side Of Fridge. For hours and rates contact :)

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  1. Super fun and super cute! I love that idea! That's definitely one I'll be doing with Emmy :). Especially since over the last couple weeks she's really developed a love for coloring. I love the pictures! :)