Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sunglasses, Face-paint, and S'mores

Boy did we have another weekend packed with fun. I need to document it before we have another one to post about!

Friday night was a date night for Brigham and I at Seven Peaks to try out our new passes. It was nice to ride water-slides without having to worry about drowning babies. Thank you Grandma Sue.

Saturday morning we had a stake carnival to attend. Brigham left early to help set up and to man the football-toss booth and the kids and I met up with him later. Of course we wanted to arrive in style, so we put on some recently acquired shades.

Ready to impress!

The carnival had tons of fun things to do and we immediately stopped by the face painting booth before the line got even longer. Last time Ammon had his face painted, he broke out in hives but I thought he would handle it better since he is older. I told the face-painting dude to just do a small Spiderman something on Ammon's cheek and this is what happened instead:

Half the face of Spiderman - so much for small. But I figured it was fine, no harm done.

I asked Lydia what she wanted and assumed she would want a butterfly like all the other girls that were coming out of the tent. However, she firmly declared she wanted a flower. I was surprised how sure she was about it.

Boy did she love those flowers. She preened in the mirror and talked about it the rest of the day, making sure the neon flowers wouldn't come off until her bath later that night. My sweet flower girl.

Unfortunately, I was wrong about the face painting having less of an effect on Ammon, and I ended up having to take him home early because of a large, swollen eye, sudden rash, and screams of pain and irritation. Poor guy. Luckily, after cleaning off the paint and a long nap, Ammon's eye-swelling went down and the rash didn't reappear until the next morning. Note to self: Ammon has sensitive skin and should NOT COME IN CONTACT WITH FACE PAINT!

That evening we met up with Sam, Caitlin, and baby Abby for an evening in the mountains. It was a bit windy and chilly and I wasn't feeling the freshest, but I decided it would be a good prep for camping trips this summer and wanted to see how the kids would do. Not to mention, we didn't want to miss out on all the fun!

This kid REALLY loves his sunglasses. It's funny how attached he is to them. He got upset at the store when it was Lydia's turn to try pairs on rather than him. He would wear them around all day if I let him.

I was a little afraid of how unafraid this girl was of the fire. Hopefully I can convince her to be more careful.

Speaking of fire, I must say that for men, these two struggled a bit with the fire-management this time.

I think they were too busy chatting and not wanting to bother with it; pretty weird for my pyro husband.

Now for the special shout out to Caitlin for sharing her chocolate for s'mores.

Sharing chocolate takes A LOT of selflessness! Not to mention, it was Symphony chocolate! Thanks for sharing, you are better than me - the self-proclaimed food hoarder and freak who panicked when it appeared as though Sam was approaching her ranch Wheat Thins. Wow, I have issues.

Anyways, it made for delicious s'mores. Ammon agrees, even if he choose to eat his in a slightly uncomfortable manner:

Oh, s'mores, campfires, and mountains how I love thee. We are now ready for summer, I do believe!


  1. oh my gosh how fun! i wish i could have come. lovin the stylin glasses- and youre right, caitlin must love you to share her chocolate. bc i hoard mine and never share.

  2. That was a fun time we had in the mountains! I'm glad you guys came!! And you're welcome for sharing the chocolate. It's probably a good thing I did seeing as I ate the rest the next morning for breakfast. It could have been even more chocolate for breakfast.