Friday, June 29, 2012

Sunglasses, Softball Games, and Swimming

I'm telling you, we're doing so much stuff lately I can't keep up with it all. We're welcoming summer with a bang! So enjoy reading about our latest events.

My best friend brought her girls by for a day of fun and we walked to the nearby mall for a day of shopping. While at the mall, I convinced her to buy sunglasses for her three girls and on the way home we had to get a picture of our older girls running together in their sunglasses while holding hands.

Notice how we left the babies behind, abandoned in the strollers. These girls just kept running and so we had to run super far ahead to get a picture of them prancing together in their shades.

A couple days later, Brigham's two step-brothers were playing against each other in a softball game that we went to watch.

I love softball! Both DJ and Tony had some good plays that were fun to watch...

in between dealing with my munchkins.

Don't these lips just look so kissable?

While Ammon started out doing great, I had decided to try out the convenience of spray sunscreen on the kids, and unfortunately it caused Ammon's eyes to swell up and his face to break out in a rash. He was miserable and crying for most of the evening.

Word of advice, when a sucker doesn't calm this kid down, something is wrong. After throwing his sucker on the ground in a fit of rage, I knew he wasn't doing so well.

Lydia, however, kept it classy.

It's what she's good at :)

We still managed to enjoy the game.

Congrats to DJ's team who won. And Tony, you can't win 'em all. Better luck next time :)

Softball games checked off, we've also been swimming. A lot. Even though Ammon seems to be allergic to chlorine and breaks out in a heat rash whenever he comes in contact (I know, this kid!), we've not been swayed and have made good use of our condominium's pool and our season passes to Seven Peaks water park.

Due to cameras not faring well around water, this is the only picture I have thus far of our swimming adventures:

Brigham took Lydia to the splash pad while Ammon and I packed up after a day at Seven Peaks. I couldn't believe how much the kids loved it there. We stayed for five hours - a feat I imagined impossible with a three and one year old! Ammon even fell asleep on my lap in the wave pool for an hour with people yelling and splashing around us. The waves sure did a good job lulling him to sleep.

For being chickens, my kids sure have done better than expected in the water. Now to see how they do with fireworks as we approach Taylorsville Dayzz and the Fourth of July :) HELLOOO Summer!

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