Monday, October 15, 2012


This past Saturday we left early in the morning to spend a good part of our day at HeeHaw Farms in Pleasant Grove where they have a corn maze and all sorts of fall festivities. We met up with Kyle and Katrina and enjoyed a good time together. Now you get to enjoy the resulting pictures :)

First we set out to beat the corn maze.

Unfortunately the stroller beat us instead. It's not that easy to push a stroller over fallen corn-stalks and rocks. But we had fun nonetheless. And we found the exit.

Next were the horse/saddle/swing things.

And then Brigham took the kids up to the top of the giant, white slide,

Situated all three on a burlap sack...

And then slid down!

The kids especially loved the slide and did not want to leave.

Until we told them there was an animal farm...

They were fascinated by the animals and terrified at the same time. In fact I took Lydia out for a minute and sent her back in to find her dad, but instead she stood there and screamed at the top of her lungs, in horror, that her dad was across the animal yard and she was by herself surrounded by the dreadful animals.  Brigham did eventually get Lydia to try to pet the animals. Ammon was ok...until the animals looked at him...or made any sort of movement. He was a lot happier on the side-lines.

I was fascinated by the mommy pig and her babies...and the horse of a daddy pig.

You know how sometimes the male is much prettier and the female is more plain (ducks for example)? This was NOT the case with these pigs. The male was kind of horrifying. I couldn't look away.

Then I had the kids stick their faces in some holes (apparently they were supposed to be for a bean-bag toss, but I thought they were for pictures. I wondered why people were looking at us weird...)

The kids thought it was a great game and kept asking for more pictures.

Next we played in A LOT of corn-kernels.

Ammon liked it until Uncle Kyle tried to bury him, then he REALLY didn't like it. Brigham did like being buried...until later when he was constantly finding corn where it wasn't supposed to be

Finally, we went on a trick-or-treat hayride.

We sat on the hayride while characters threw candy at us. Talk about the best hayride ever! Lydia especially loved when Snow White threw candy to her.

Yep, there was pretty much everything you could ask for at HeeHaw Farms (except for a place to wash your hands, seriously? How do you not have somewhere to wash your hands when you have an animal farm? I still shudder at the potential contamination problems.) What a perfect way to welcome Fall, and next we have our sights set on Halloween :)

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  1. Sounds so much fun! My favorite part I think is sticking your kids faces through the bean-bag toss. Hahahaha! That and Ammon's terrified face in the corn.

    How much did this cost? I'm sure you had a deal right? I sure would love to go with Sam and Abby.