Friday, October 26, 2012

My Bestie and Our Broods

You know that one friend that's been your friend for forever and who you know will always be your friend? Yeah, I've got one of those. When I moved my junior year in high school to Washington, the first few days of school were pure torture. I knew no one, missed all my friends back in Utah, and felt humiliated to eat lunch sitting at a table alone. That is until Brittany Patch came along and sat by me. Not only that, but she offered to give me a ride home, and I found out she was LDS and was in my ward. It was too good to be true. But it wasn't. God knew what he was doing when he sent that girl to be my friend. After that we've always managed to stick together. From making it through classes of death, tag-teaming as camp counselors, and surviving early-morning seminary in high school, to eventually becoming roommates later on in college, seeing each other through incredibly hard times, and now talking marriage and babies. I know I can count on her to understand.  Hanging out with my best friend  is something that I've gotten used to lately. Unfortunately, because she's moving for a short while to Washington, I'm going to have to go without her. So sad.

I think back to these days:

BYU football game.

Halloween prank we pulled together on Brigham
 - switching out all his clothes for old women clothes.

Remembering being roommates and carefree and livin' it up. It has me shaking my head in amazement at how our lives have transformed.

Both married and with kids, we now meet at the park where it doesn't cost, our kids are free to run around and be crazy, and we can enjoy the sunshine while we talk. And boy do we talk. We are seriously kindred spirits. It's crazy how much of our lives are the same! And we laugh when we talk about it because that's how it's always been. 

So you can imagine my sadness when she told me she was leaving me to go to Washington (an extra dagger in the heart). So for our last play-date together I brought my camera to remember.

These girls play so well together and favor
 playing jungle or princesses.

Ammon and Adelyn are usually off doing their own thing,
or clinging to their mommy. Both one of a kind.

Can't get much cuter than that!

Yep, between the two of us we cart around five children! And we attempted to get a picture of them all together...and pretty much laughed our heads off at our attempts the whole time. Really, it is hilarious trying to get a picture with five toddlers. We were hootin' and hollerin' and pulling funny faces to try to get them to all look at the camera, all with minimal success. But here are the results:

We got a good one, but then realized a strange kid was
 in the background, and we were missing one of Britt's kids. Whoops!

Close, but the steering wheel was a distraction and Ammon
 was traumatized that we wouldn't let him go down the slide.

Whala! Five toddlers, two moms, and all heads/eyes pointed in sort of a general direction when the camera went off. Success!

And while I'm usually exhausted after our picnics, I sure am going to miss them. Luckily it won't be for as long as I originally thought - they'll be back in a few months - but it'll be long enough. 

So thanks Britt for everything you do, being the greatest friend a girl could ask for from that moment in junior high until now. Love ya girl! See you soon at Christmas :)

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